1 May 2017

How to Achieve Your Dreams as a Nigerian Student


Dreams they say comes to pass, yes I do believe that but what they didn't tell us concerning dream is; how long it will take for it to come to pass.

I dream alot and my dreams range from ordinary things to extra-ordinary things for example, I want to be the most influential man in my sphere of Life and also to be a genius in my field and sometimes staying for minutes trying to Telepathically communicate with a Lizard,insane right?.

Having a dream or a desire is one of the most wonderful gift to mankind,of which every individual could subscribe to but it is also amazing that these dreams are being fueled by individuals themselves. So,in other words you can decipher to which extent you pursue your dreams. Well,it is also important for you to know that dreams are desires, ambitions and purposes born already in a realm beyond the physical world(imagination). It becomes our responsibility to pursue these dreams although some environmental factors may not be in synchrony with it.

What our dreams does to us is unspeakable at times but if you hold onto it with a never given up spirit you are sure to see it come true. But how long does one need to hold on to his dreams (that's where the issue is). Out of the seven billion earth inhabitants only one has an answer to that.

Passing WAEC examinations is one of the best things that can happen to any secondary school graduates at least they don't need to write it again (they are done with this stage).
But then what happens after graduating? That moment where you graduate full of dreams like a bee to a honey comb.

Life begins to throw a lot of things at you. You wrote Jamb,jamb said they love your name so they decide to make you write again the year after or you applied a particular school with your high score with all hope of gaining addmission but you got rejected. This time what your dream require from you is to be stubborn with it.

Thomas Edison had a dream, one which he already conceived in his imagination.,despite his concurrent failures he was never deterred because he believed in his dream and he also had the willpower to fuel it. And today, every single individual is a testimony of his dream which later became reality in the physical world. Now, come to talk of some certain limiting factors...

It is so absurd that if I should have a child who wishes to pursue a career in space travel or car design I would find it so unfortunate telling him it's impossible because where I reside in this part of the world does not provide a safe haven for such a pursuit. Another set-back is having people around who don't have a big picture about life and who seldom believe in their dreams becoming a reality, talk more of believing in someone else's dream.

I once heard someone capitulate that as SPIRITUAL SUICIDE... Where one could have a dream and later settle for something less because he or she lacks what it takes to give the dream life in it's Maxim. But one should note that even in the midst of these setbacks a dream can still be born. Because a dream conceived in the world of your imagination where no limitation lies could still be made manifest if one has what it takes to fuel and nurture the desire.

In summary,I will like to say there are no limitations to a dream conceived and worked upon by the required strength and willpower. And as Martin Luther King Jr would say that "If you can't fly, then you run, and if you can't run, then you walk and if you can't walk either then you crawl ".for me, even if you die..., atleast you were pursuing a mission called..... "Your Dreams."

Written by: Edor Sanni Haruna

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