16 September 2017

How to Link Nigerian Bank Account Details to your Payoneer Account


Adding a local bank account to your payoneer account for Nigerians seems not to be showing for those with old payoneer accounts.

How to Link Nigerian Bank Account to your Payoneer Account

But with this tutorial, you can easily link your Nigerian Bank details to your payoneer for easy withdrawal of fund.

Its simple. If the option is not in your account contact payoneer support through online chart or call them. Tell them you'll like to add local bank to your account. They will ask you if you have a USD in Nigeria tell them yes. 

They will ask you security questions concerning your account. Make Sure its correct if not it will be disapprove. After 2 to 3 days you will receive a message from them concerning your local account process.

Note: Ask them to keep all your payoneer details intact. Which is your global payment banks , funding sources and payment history.


You can create a new payoneer with your mum or sister voters card it will come with option to transfer to banks.

Note: don't use your ID for multiple payoneer accts because its against their policy. They might not hit you immediately you used it. 

But might be when you have hug fund.

Payoneer won't charge you extra fees to transfer to your local bank .

Credit: Samuel Nwosu

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