15 August 2018

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Payoneer Vs Paypal for Nigerians

Payoneer Vs Paypal for Nigerians

In a digital era where any service you are looking for can be offered to you from any part of the world, getting to know how you get paid while offering this service has most times been a questionable issue especially for newbies who are trying to start out in the industry.

While these might not be a major issue for tier one country, a country like Nigeria has suffered this plight.

Ranging from several restrictions to totally baring from different platform who in their reason perhaps said they wouldn’t want to do online business with Nigeria. While that is not the bone of content in this article, we will be looking into two payments platform that has giving Nigerians the opportunity to get paid from anywhere in the world while offering their services.

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As an online business owner getting to know the best platform to use to get your fund should be among your top priority, and if you are a newbie still thinking of how to get in then this article got your covered.


Virtually every online platform that deals monetary transaction makes use of Paypal. That’s how common and known it has become over the years. In fact, it’s hard to survive the digital market world with this gateway, which has led to most platform trusting and enable a payment gateway that can only be done with Paypal.

Though this is quite awesome of the digital terrain we are in now but it has its own hitches especially to the Nigerian communities. Before you head over to sign up for a Paypal account, have it at the back of your mind that with a Nigerian Paypal account, you are restricted to only buying with your

This simply means that as a business owner, a Nigeria Paypal account is not a good fit for you. However, since most international client always demands email to send you your funds for any services rendered, it’s advisable you get a video tutorial that teaches how to get a Paypal Nigeria account that can send and receive money in Nigeria. Or you can probably pay to folks that know their way around it to get you registered. Whichever you chose to go with it, go for it.

But if you are not a Nigerian, simply go ahead to paypal.com and check if your country is restricted according to their TOS.


When it comes to receiving your fund or earning as an online entrepreneur in Nigeria, this is one of the best platforms you need to know about. Quite fortunate it is free, hassle free and easier to register.

While Paypal seems to have gain credence and dominance in the digital space, their restriction has always pushed Nigeria and their African countries to embark on a quest for search on a platform that can accommodate them. Seeing this laxity Payoneer came to our heed. With a very easy and simpler way to register and still get your funds right from any part of the world. With this payment gateway, you are entitled to a MasterCard that you can use to withdraw from your bank. Earlier in 2017, to get a Payoneer card is free but now you will have to pay for it to get it delivered to you at your home address. Basically no matter how you tend to look at it; for Nigerian, Payoneer remains the way to go for.

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