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19 December 2017

Content Ad Approval Trick 2018 | Johntechservice

Content Ad Easy Approval Method 2018

Just so many people will always ask in most forums: 

My name is John Pele I have been trying for quite sometime with different domains to get publisher account approval but they kept on rejecting my sites..Is there anyone on this forum who can give me approval tricks/tips?

Easy Ways To Get Content Ad Approved Account 2018

1. Post viral news articles, back date them. Make sure articles are of good quality and you have enough content on your site and through some fake traffic for better alexa rank. Its not that hard to get approval from them.


2. Make a good site, with the content they are going to like. I suggest to apply with the sites using new profile as they may reject new and good sites too.

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3. all they want is traffic. So try and get a good amount of traffic to your blog or website before applying.

Finally, I suggest you try blogging on the following niches, Dating and Health.

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15 April 2017

How to Get Approved Account

Content ad tricks

This tutorial on how to get approved content ad account that I will be sharing today has given me three accounts as am speaking to you.

Although I got two approved accounts last using blogspot domain, while early this year, I got another approved content ad account using .com domain.

Now let me show you what and what I did to get these three content ad accounts

How to Get an Approved Content ad account 

Step 1: create a health/relationship tip blog. Click here to create your blog

Step 2: setup your blog by submitting and linking all the necessary things required. Things like ( blog header, submitting sitemap, crawling your blog, adding google analytic code etc.).

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Step 3: start to post on the blog. Make sure you post a unique posts. Posts like this works a lot " how to loose fat" "how to make your teeth white again" " natural fruits that can cure or do this and that "

Step 4: Try to get at least 1,000 plus daily page views by sharing your posts on Facebook and other social networks.

Step 5: Before you apply for account make sure you must have gotten upto 15-20 unique posts on your blog.

Finally go ahead and apply for content ad account and expect their reply within 3 days. Apply here

This is what I did to get an approved content ad account.

If it worked for me, it can work for you too.

Good luck.
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4 April 2017

Can I Use with Adsense on One Blog?

Content ad photo

How Can i Use Content ad and Google AdSense Together?

This has been the very sceptic question been asked by most bloggers on daily basis. Here is my own advice.

Adsense can be very funny most times. So to make sure you do not get banned endeavour to read this post.
Also in this post lots of questions relating to Adsense and third party ads network are been answered.

Question: Can I use Google Adsense and together? If I use content ad along with Adsense will it put my Adsense account in danger?

Adsense so far is the best means of monetization.

Getting Adsense approval these days is very difficult. I can say that getting adsense  account is  like for a bank loan without collateral or possibly searching for a job without a CV. My advice to you is that you should incorporate other ads network for your blog monetization.

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Adsense is very strict about their program policies and position guidelines.

If you are not that familiar with their policy, you can check AdSense policies here .

Now to your question, Yes! You can use content ad alongside AdSense without getting banned.

Can I be Safe to use AdSense and Content ads together?

Yes! there is no problem atall using with Google Adsense. You can learn more about here

Similar to AdSense, do also relies on the context ad technology to display relevant ad, but they do not go against any of the Adsense guidelines and is fully compatible with AdSense. One of my friends who happen to be new in the blogging sphere, ask this same question, but sincerely the answer remains the same 'Yes'.

You can also check out this official publishers page for vital and helpful information regarding usage.


=> I advice that you also use other ads network to monetize your blog like bidvertisers, infolinks,

=> Google adsense  remains the best.

=> You can safely use content ad and AdSense together on one blog.

Incase you have a different view on any other ad network that is not compatible with AdSense? Let me know via comment box.
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