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1 January 2018

POEM: Choices - Written By Edor Sanni Haruna

Choices - Written By Edor Sanni Haruna

Choices - Written By Edor Sanni Haruna

I choose to talk people up
rather than talking them down.
Cos I have got the tongue of the
learned so i have got to produce
the right sound.

I choose to be hope to people
rather than being a nightmare
to them.That if they must be
sleepless,then it should be as
a result of a dream that would
turn boys to men.

I choose to lift people up
rather than bringing them down.
That I would be a source of a merry
heart to them not with nose red pointed,
cos I don't have to be a clown.

I choose to be love to people
rather than being hate. That they
see God in me and see a reason
to have faith.

I choose to be help,I choose to be
kindness to stretch out my hands
and be an eye to those suffering
from blindness.

I choose to be courageous,I choose
to be true to respect those who
deserve it and to give honour to
whom it is due.

I choose to represent Christ.
To get sin disenfranchised as
I understand that I'm a debtor to
the jew as well as to the Gentiles.

I choose to be real to people
rather than being fake.
I choose to stick to my guts till
the very end no matter what it takes.

I choose to be truth to people
rather than being a lie and I know
it begins with the discovery of myself
and the answer to the question.......
who truly am I?.

I choose to be a brother,
I choose to be a friend that the
helping hands at the end of my
own arm would never be difficult
to lend.

I choose to bring joy to people
rather than bringing sorrow to them.

I choose life.
I choose Grace.
I choose Christ.

Since I have got the right to choose,
I choose to choose right.
I choose,I choose, I choose.
it's my choice.
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12 May 2017

Photos of GSS Nyanya Most Active Prefects 2012 Set

Government Secondary School Nyanya also known as GSS Nyanya for the time past has brought out many outstanding youths which are still making the school proud.

 GSS Nyanya 2012 Prefects

Below is an interesting photo showing Prefects of GSS Nyanya that are in science class.

Names of GSS Nyanya Prefects in Science Class

1. Edor Sanni Haruna - Gss Nyanya Head Boy
2. Ndubuisi Michael
3. Oko Ikaba Gregory
4. Achara
5. Regina Ogbole
6. Omoja Mary
7. Kingsley Udeh
8. Fatima - Gss Nyanya Assistant Head Girl
9. Ola Sunday
10. Kabiru
11. Okezie Meshach
12. Ene Ocheme
13. Sketel.

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