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19 March 2018

JAMB to Release 1.3 Million Results of 2018 UTME Candidates

JAMB 2018 1.3 Million UTME Candidates Results Released.

JAMB Release 1.3 Million Results 2018

The Joint Admissions and matric Board (JAMB) to unleash 1.3 million results of 2018 Unified Tertiary matriculation Examination candidates that Saturday for the examination on weekday (today).

According to jamb Head of knowledge, he aforementioned that results are from centres that are screened for attainable cases of examination malpractice.

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He additionally disclosed to us that the board through CCTV cameras detected some strange things that occurred in a number of the examination centres,

He disclosed to us that there have been CBT centre owners who were collecting cash from candidates to have interaction in malpractices and conjointly threatening jamb officers at their centres.

Candidates whose bimetric details couldn't be verified, wouldn't be allowed to retake the examination, because the biometric verification had already disqualified them. Dr. Fabian Benjamin conjointly created these illustrious throughout the interview.

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13 March 2018

Check JAMB March 9th & 10th, 2018 UTME Results

2018 UTME Result Checking portal

JAMB March 9th & 10th, 2018 UTME Results, JAMB March 9th & 10th, 2018 UTME Result Checking portal.

March 9th & 10th JAMB 2018 UTME Result is out and available on the board online checking website.

According to candidates who their exams earlier, they were speculating that it is going take the examination board up to a month for them to release their result. please disregard such speculations. JAMB 2018 UTME Results only takes three (3) days to be released.

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How to Check JAMB March 9th & 10th, 2018 UTME Results Online

  • First of all, kindly go to JAMB Result Checking Portal for 2018 by clicking here
  • Type in your JAMB registration number or Email into the box provided, and then click on "Check My Result".
  • Wait for it to load very well, after that,your result will be shown to you.

Please do not forget to always share your testimonies with us.
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6 March 2018

Printing of 2018 JAMB UTME Exam Slip Direct Portal Enabled

Printing of 2018 JAMB UTME Exam Slip Direct Portal Enabled, How to Reprint 2018 UTME Exam Slip on JAMB Portal.

The direct portal/link for the printing of 2018 JAMB UTME Exam Slip has been enabled. So, candidates who were unable to receive the exam slips via their email addresses can easily check theirs through this portal..

Candidates should bear it in mind that the Printing can only be done using a computer system with a Printer attached to it. You are to use your phone (DO NOT USE OPERA MINI) to only confirm if yours is available on JAMB portal before going to a Cyber Cafe to print it out. That is if you do not have a computer and Printer at home.

Reprint 2018 UTME Exam Slip on JAMB Portal

How to Reprint 2018 UTME Exam Slip on JAMB Portal

1. Just goto JAMB Official Portal here:

2. Wait for the page to load before you enter your JAMB Registration Number or Email address you used to register for the exam on the specified column.

3. Select "Print Examination Slip", your exam slip will Pop Up on the screen.

4. Now if your computer is already connected to a printer, just click on print to print your exam slip.

Note: You are to print 2 copies of the UTME Examination Slip in Full Colour. You will submit one at the Exam Hall and you have to keep one for reference.

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You may encounter issues with the portal not loading or loading slowly, just keep trying until you have successfully printed your exam slip.

Please if you have any issues Reprinting 2018 UTME Exam Slip on JAMB Portal kindly use the comment for possible solutions.
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21 February 2018

eMailing of JAMB Mock Exam Slips for 2018 UTME Has Commenced

eMailing of JAMB Mock Exam Slips for 2018 UTME.

eMailing of JAMB Mock Exam Slips for 2018 UTME

2018 JAMB Mock Examination Slips - Johntechservice is delighted to break this news to all those who are to partake in the upcoming 2018 JAMB Mock that their examination slip is out and are now being distributed via Email by JAMB. Please kindly check your email address often.

I Have Not Received JAMB Mock Exam Slip 2018 Solution

Those who indicated interest to write the Mock, and are yet to receive any email from JAMB can try login into their JAMB profile online to see if access has been granted to them to print the slip. If you have been granted access, please come back here and share with others, so you can guide us on how you did it. Thank you.

SEE ALSO: JAMB Mock for the 2018 UTME Past Question/Answers

To those who has received their 2018 JAMB Mock Slip, Please do not forget to share your Mock Exam Slip as a comment under this post. You can also attach a screenshot if you wish.

2018 JAMB Mock Examination/UTME Date

All candidates should also note that JAMB had slated the Mock Exam to hold on Monday, 26th Feb, 2018, while the Main UTME is expected to begin as from 9th March, 2018.
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1 February 2018

JAMB Mock for the 2018 UTME Past Question/Answers

JAMB 2018 UTME Mock Exam to be taken on the 1st Week of February 2018.

JAMB 2018 UTME Mock Exam

According to the Exam body, the Mock exam was earlier scheduled to hold between January 22nd and 24th

JAMB Mock Exam 2018 Official Date?

the official date for the JAMB Mock for the 2018 UTME has not yet been announced although we are optimistic that it will be announced anytime soon since we are already in February. We are eager just as every other JAMB Candidate.

The photo card printing for the Mock Exam is yet to begin. The commencement date will be made known in the coming days, when the official dates, for the exam, are announced. Candidates who selected to write the Mock Exam will be expected to print the photocard before the actual exam date. You will be duly guided here on Johntechservice, so keep visiting this website daily.

SEE ALSO: Free 2018/19 JAMB Real Live Questions & Answers PDF [All Subjects]

As for those who would not be writing the mock exam, don't ever worry. Johntechservice is here to guide you till you finally get admitted. We will follow everything, including LIVE updates, so you would feel like you actually went for the mock.

Anyone who has important information about any aspect of the 2018 UTME should not hesitate to post it using our contact us menu. We will really appreciate.

2018 JAMB UTME Mock Exam Result

We will also Publish that as soon as it is out.

As a matter of fact, all JAMB Candidates should start preparing for the 2018 UTME. Exam is in March! First Week of March.
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23 January 2018

JAMB 2018 Correction of Name After Registration Procedure | Johntechservice

JAMB 2018 Correction of Name After Registration.

JAMB 2018 Name Correction After Registration

2018 UTME registration is currently on-going, of which am very much sure that some candidates may have made one or two mistakes at the process of registration. The good news is that you can now correct such errors using the JAMB Short Code (55019).

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Please note that this request can only be done using the mobile number used to create the profile.

JAMB 2018: How to Correct Your Name After Registration

To correct the name currently on your registration form, send the correct SURNAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME as a text message to 55019. Example; AHMED, JOHN, BUKOLA to 55019. Remember this request has to be done using the mobile number used in creating the profile.

That is all for JAMB 2018 Name Correction. Hope this information is useful?
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18 January 2018

JAMB CBT 2018: Use Of Mouse Canceled Adopts Eight Key Device System

JAMB UTME 2018 Use of Mouse Scrapped, How Jamb Eight Key Device System Works.

Jamb CBT 2018 Use of Mouse Scrapped

Jamb reduced the number of questions for 2018 Jamb Utme recently.

 Jamb cancels the Use Of Mouse for CBT Exam adopts “Eight-Key Device” System For 2018 CBT Exam.

Reason Why Jamb Scrapped Use of Mouse in CBT Exams

According to JAMB management, they said the main reasons for their action is to deal with the challenge of computer low level literacy of some candidates, especially with the phobia for the mouse, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has disclosed that it will adopt an “eight-key device” for UTME.

Speaking during the Strategic Planning retreat on Supervision and Evaluation of 2017 UTME examinations the JAMB Registrar noted that in order to ensure equity and level playground for all candidates taking the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, the Board has designed a system that will allow candidates use only eight (8) keys without the use of the mouse.

JAMB Eight Key Device System: How it Works

All the candidates need to do is to press the letters A,B,C,D for responses (answers) to questions and keys P, N, S and R representing different functions as follows:

P = Previous question
N = Next question
S = Submit responses when candidate has finished examination
R = Reverse (do not intend to go further to submit again)

On the new arrangements for the visually impaired candidates, the JAMB Registrar said Digital Bridge Institute in partnership with the board has agreed to set up three dedicated centres in Abuja, Lagos and Kano in 2018.

Jamb board has reached an understanding with the association for the blind persons in Nigeria and blind students in Lagos that an abridged approach would be used for the 2018 UTME, whereby all prospective blind candidates would be invited to three centres in the country for special assessment in their subjects of choice and relevance to their desired courses and programmes.

According to him, this new method will reduce/stop the challenge of low computer literacy and phobia for mouse by some candidates.

I think Jamb scrapping the use of mouse is a big blow to those who intend cheating.. What do you think?
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14 January 2018

Free 2018/19 JAMB Real Live Questions & Answers PDF [All Subjects]

Free 2018/19 JAMB Real Live Questions & Answers, Download 2018/19 JAMB Real Live Questions & Answers In PDF [All Subjects], 2018/19 JAMB Expo for all subjects.

Below are the subjects available

  • English
  • Maths
  • Account
  • Commerce
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Agric
  • CRK
  • Geography
  • Government
  • Biology
  • Physics
You can as well use the below link to download 2017/18/JAMB Real Live Questions & Answers.

2018/19 JAMB Expo for all subjects.

Note: please shun exam malpractice and study your books. Kindly download last year jamb exam via the above link and use it to study. Thank you.
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7 January 2018

JAMB Registeration Closing Date 2018 - Johntechservice

JAMB Registeration Closing Date 2018, Jamb Reg Deadline 2018.

Since JAMB began their 2018/2019 UTME and Direct Entry examination registration nationwide on 6th December, 2017, the management has finally come up with a deadline of the ongoing exercise.

JAMB Registration Deadline 2018

The Board recently announced an official deadline for the exercise on their official website.

The official closing date as earlier announced to end the exercise is 6th February, 2018.

All candidates willing to participate in the 2018 JAMB exams are to hurry and carry out their registrations before the deadline of 6th Feb. to avoid been left out.

If in case there is going to be an extension of the deadline, we will sure update you on this blog.

For now that is all we know about 2018 Jamb registration closing date.
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6 January 2018

JAMB 2018 Top 10 Most Competitive Courses in Nigeria University

JAMB 2018 top most competitive courses, Top most competitive courses for JAMB 2018, JAMB 2018 top most competitive courses In Nigeria University.



Everybody wants to work in CHEVRON, NNPC and so on, why? Maybe because of the huge salary and allowances since that is what students pursue. As a result of this, high number of students apply for this course.


Nurse, Nurse! The title sounds good to the ear right? Yeah. Most female candidates will fill in
for nursing , like 60% of them. Nursing is a good course in Nigeria. You don’t have to look for job before
you see one.


Due to the limited slot to this course in universities, There is high competition . What do i mean? For example OAU admit only 25 student in this course, UI admit only 40 while some other school admit 10 candidate. Now you should know for yourself.


80% of the science students want to become doctors maybe because their parents wants them to be, or maybe because of the respect and honour in the course. It shouldn’t be new to you anymore that medicine have the medicine have the highest cut off mark which means it is competitive.


This course is competitive, a lot of candidate prefer to choose this course, why?
Just because they think they can cross over to medicine, Now you see why it is included.

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It is now longer a news that we are in the “computer world”.Candidate
choose this course because they believe that there are a lot of opportunities for the courses.


Everybody want to become an engineer one way or the other . As the world is moving fast, so as technology. A lot of opportunity are in engineering, sincerely.


We all know what is going on in Nigeria politics, I should not be telling you.
Everybody want to play politics one way or the other. In Nigeria, there are a lot of opportunities
For those who know who (connections).


Lately, there have been rise in the cut off mark of any agriculture related courses which means that the number of students applying for these courses are increasing year after year.

10. LAW

We all what law means. It makes you a lawyer. 90% of art students apply for this course year after year. Maybe because of the respect they earn from people, I just don’t know.


We've successfully compiled the top most competitive courses for JAMB 2018 In Nigeria University. If you feel the list is not complete or you dont agree. Then you can comment below with your reasons clearly stated.
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Jamb Date of Birth Correction Procedures 2018 | Johntechservice

Jamb Date of Birth Correction Procedures 2018, How to change jamb 2018 date of birth.


1. First thing first, you need to create a profile via the Sign Up (New User) Page if you are a new user. For existing users, simply type in your login details. To create your profile, you will provide your valid email address, surname, first name, Mobile No, State and LGA of Origin and password, then click on the Sign Up button. Each candidate is entitled to only one profile.

2. Please also bear it in mind that you you will always use your email address and password to sign in.

3. When you login, you will be taken to the landing page where you will see all available services.

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4. Click on “Data Correction”. You can find that on the side bar

5. Once selected, the menu item “Date of Birth” will be revealed. Click on this Service option.

6. Once you select this service, a Transaction ID is generated for this service. This will be displayed on the confirmation page screen.

7. Now the next thing you need to do is to review the details displayed on the Confirmation Page. Also, note the Transaction ID displayed in a bold red font. The Transaction ID is useful for all future references concerning the Transaction. A copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address.

8. Click on the Continue button if you wish to pay with your card immediately.

If you wish to use other payment channels like ATM, Cash at the Bank or Quickteller, please note the transaction ID as it will be required.

9. On the Interswitch Payment page, enter your card details and click on the Pay button.

10. The status of your payment will be displayed on the “My Payment Section” An SMS and email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you after payment. Click on the Continue button.

11. Once payment is completed, you will be asked to provide the following:

a. Year of Exam and
b. JAMB Registration Number

12. After entering the information correctly, your incorrect date of birth will now appear.

13. Please provide the new information in the boxes provided.

14. After submission, an Indemnity Form will be displayed for printing.

15. This is to be filled and taken to your institution for Approval.

16. Your institution will be responsible for submission of the approved form to the JAMB state office.

17. Once received, the Approved form will be uploaded to your profile. You will receive a notification when this is done.

18. JAMB will now process your application. If Approved, your details will be changed as requested.

With the above procedures, you can be able to correct jamb 2018 date of birth by yourself.
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2 January 2018

5 Things to Consider Before Applying for JAMB UTME 2018 | Johntechservice

5 Things to Consider Before Applying for JAMB UTME 2018.

1. Your Name is incredibly important:

Yes, your name will value you your admission if you spell your name wrong. I even have seen students been admitted by jamb howeverwere rejected by the University throughout clearance because of their names doesn't correlate with different documents like o’level result certificate, certification etc. Although, jamb use to permit for ” modification of data” wherever you'll be able to correct your name caseyou created mistake, however to air a safer aspect, ensure you fastidiously spell your name to the jamb official that's about to register you.

2. know The Course you would like To Study:

I sometimes notice it funny whenever a student says he doesn’t grasp the course to choose. Course isn't one thing you must choosewilly-nilly, course are a few things you have got passion for, one thing you have got knowledge concerning. Don’t let anyone decide your course for you. If you're having drawback selecting a course, i already created a post they're going to assist you decide the course you actually need to check. Click the link below to scan the post.

3. know the topic combination for your course :

Alot of student make this error by selecting wrong subject mixtures for his or her course. If you would like to avoid any style of mistake, then i will be able to advise you to use “JAMB Brochure”, look for your course and you'll see the topic combination for the course. Remember, this error cannot be amend when you have got weekday for the exam, which implies your admission for that year isn't sure. Be wise!!!

4. Use one sitting result :

I have come to appreciate that students with one sitting result have a lot of advantage than students victimisation 2 sitting results. I even have already created a post concerning the ” attainable disadvantages of victimisation 2 sitting result “, you'll be able to click the link below to scan it. additionally ensure your minimum grade in your WAEC/NECO/GCE is “C6”, something quite that, won’t be accepted by the University you select.

5. Your Date of Birth:

Don’t ever build a blunder of fixing your date of birth as a result of your admission will be revoke by upright or by the University if they conclude. Minimum age federal universities settle for is sixteen years recent, something but that, won't total. If you're fifteen year’s recent, simply relax and sit up for the subsequent year otherwise you will apply to non-public university if you'll be able to afford it.
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JAMB 2018: 10 Good Recommendations on a Way to Score High

10 Good Tips on How To Score High in Jamb 2018.

10 Good Recommendations on a Way to Score High in Jamb 2018

Table of Content:

  • Early Preparations.
  • Get the proper textbooks
  • Develop a study habit.
  • Use past queries.
  • establish your liability.
  • perceive the association affiliation.
  • Learn the communication ways
  • Study read.
  • Be Up up to now.
  • Learn basic ideas in pc.


Don’t watch for the exams to be shut before you begin preparations. Early preparation offers you AN edge; don’t suppose that there's still time.

Live your life with sense of urgency. Have the mentality, ” i'm behind schedule”. Begin to line targets as a result of it'll offer you a strong drive towards the communication.

Do you need to get 350+ in Jamb? It all begins from currently. Remember, a person World Health Organization fails to set up is indirectly aiming to fail.

Joshua Abuwa aforementioned, “The downside with plenty of young persons these days is that they don’t have visions, they solely have television”. In your pursue university admission, what are you able to see?. Your price in life is tied to the standard use of your mind.

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Empty the coins in your purse into your mind and your mind can fill your purse with gold. Reading quality books for your examination can offer you nothing, however quality grades.

For every examination, there's a course define. This guides you on the topics and elements of the topics to hide. it's essential you get the books that cowl the specified topics and sub-topics.

The Joint Admission and admittance Board (JAMB) sometimes recommends texts. Get them and begin finding out as before long as potential.


Your habits verify your home ground. it's time you develop a solid study habit. want help? here is a way to begin. Before you study, check that that you simply area unit relaxed physically, showing emotion and mentally. the subsequent study practices can be of excellent facilitate to you.

Study in AN surroundings that's best contributing for you. It doesn’t really want to be calm; if a loud space is OK for you, go with it.

Read with revelation. Draw an idea of what you ought to accomplish when the study.

All materials that guarantee swish learning should be able to avoid looking out within the thick of learning.

  • Get a notebook to place down salient facts.
  • Don’t skip any a part of the fabric if you don’t realize it.
  • Prepare a study time-table and follow it consecutively.
  • Prepare a rest and recreation time-table too. Funny?
  • Read the ten secrets of thriving students and
  • How to bear in mind ninetieth of what you've got browse

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Past queries area unit the image of the long run. the long run here speaks of the communication you're making ready for. finding out with past queries can act as positive catalyst for your communication. The importance of past queries is that they assist you to:

Know the character of inquiries to expect.
Identify the dark spots in your text books
Take note of the commonly asked queries.
Examine your level of preparation by swing yourself within the communication condition.
Boosts your confidence.
Note: Most past queries pack have answers at the rear. don't check the answers before you solve the issues. simply check that that you simply perceive the queries.


Like I continually say, “telling yourself the reality is honesty however telling others is integrity.

Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. realize that the topics and topics you discover terribly straightforward to find out. additionally, don’t run off from those providing you with powerful time.

Do everything potential to relinquish them powerful time too. simply imagine losing eighty marks in arithmetic simply because you fail to fall infatuated with it. Handle your weakness or your weakness can handle you.


Who you go together with determines whether or not you'll dissociate or appreciate. There area unit those that augment your life, people who work out from you, people who divide and people that multiply you.

Identify people who augment and multiply your success. there's no wherever you wish to travel that individuals haven’t gone to. search for individuals whose realities area unit your dreams.


There area unit things that don’t appear cheap however area unit capable of creating you accountable. perceive the subsequent strategies:

Any question you get wrong, there area unit those that can twig right.

Some answers follow a pattern. This pattern will assist you get the queries you don’t recognize the right answers to.

After each half-hour return to the queries you're thinking that you've got answered to take care if you really answered it properly. generally the brain deceives.

Increase your speed and don’t leave any possibility blank.


No matter the psychological feature books you've got browse on communication success, the effectualness of labor can't be over emphasised. Don’t study for exams the approach you study newspapers. place in effort in your study. Study, however study wise.


Be up up to now on your communication date and procedures. Don’t fail to browse articles about communication success also. Visit Bentenblog for news about your faculty.


Learn pc since most of your exams are going to be pc primarily based. check that you click the answers and conjointly make sure that you simply have truly ticked.
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20 December 2017

JAMB Result 2018 | Johntechservice

JAMB Results 2018, JAMB Registeration 2018, 2018 JAMB Result Checker, 2018 JAMB Result Checking Portal, JAMB Highest Score 2018, 2018 JAMB Merit List.

JAMB 2018

Jamb result 2018 is not yet out. Am sure you must be wondering why I made up this post. do not worry, I do not want to mislead anyone.

Well, the main purpose of this post is to show you what to expect from JAMB 2018 Examination and how to tackle them.

How to Pass JAMB 2018/2019 Examination

Make sure you do your JAMB 2018 registration as early as possible so as to avoid making errors due to rush hour. 

Endeavor to get all the necessary JAMB Novels  and make sure you study them thoroughly.

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Avoid watching too much television, hanging out with friends most especially those who are not writing the exam, pressing of phones always e.t.c. Let me just say anything that will kill your time.

Always committe  the 2018 forthcoming JAMB exam into God able hands through prayers.

Join forums, social media pages and groups that discusses about JAMB, through those forums, you can get first class, detailed and accurate information about the exam you are about to write.

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Take your mind off expo or examination malpractice because when you start thinking about such as an alternative, it will make you to start loosing interest in studying your books each time you pick one up. This can lead to poor performance during the examination. 

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JAMB 2018 OBJ Expo: English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology, Commerce, CRS

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4 December 2017

JAMB 2018 Admission Letter Printing Portal is Now Open

JAMB 2018 Admission Letter Printing Portal Update.

how to print JAMB 2017/2018 admission letter

This is to inform all candidates offered provisional admission into institution of their choice that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has Open the portal for Printing Of Admission Letter 2017/2018 academic session.

How To Print JAMB 2017 UTME/Direct Entry Admission Letter Easily

1. Visit JAMB portal at .

2. Insert your ‘Email Address’
and ‘Password’.

3. Click on the “JAMB Admission Letter” tab.

4. Now, you will be asked to make a payment of N1,000 with your ATM Card for the service.

5. When you are done making the payment, you will be able to access your admission letter and print it out in coloured.

JAMB Printing of Admission Letter 2018 Important Notice

You MUST pay with your JAMB account created on this platform.

Paying via another account will render your required service tied to the paying account.

All candidates are adviced to take their time and follow the above procedures  to print their JAMB 2017/2018 admission letter.
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4 November 2017

2017 JAMB UTME/DE Admission Status Checking Procedures

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME and Direct Entry admission status checking procedure 2017

2017 JAMB UTME/DE Admission Status Checking Procedure

All DE, candidates should note the below procedures on how to check their admission status.

JAMB UTME/DE Admission Status Checking Procedure

Visit the JAMB admission status checking portal via

Login to your profile and click on the “Check Admission Status” tab.

If you are yet to register an account on the e-Facility portal, visit the page for guidelines on creation of JAMB profile on e-facility portal here for 2017 UTME candidates free.

Note that the lists are uploaded in batches. If you are yet to see yours, check later.

Normally, schools nationwide submits to JAMB their comprehensive admission list for verification. JAMB will then verify and upload the list of approved /successful candidates to the JAMB website before returning the approved list to schools who will in turn upload to their respective websites or paste same within the school campuses.
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30 October 2017

JAMB 2018 Registration Date

JAMB 2018 form would be announced between December 2017 and February 2018. The exam date will likely be around March and April 2018.

JAMB Form 2018/2019

As we all know JAMB 2017 registration which started from Monday 20th March to May 5th 2017 (the delay was due to change in Jamb Administration), this time such delay will not repeat itself says JAMB management.

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What you Need to Know About JAMB

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions.
The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

The board is also charged with the responsibility to administer similar examinations for applicants to Nigerian public and private monotechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of educations.

Where/How To Buy JAMB 2018 E-PIN

JAMB 2018 form will be purchased at a JAMB Accredited registration centers nationwide when is it finally out on sale.

Note: JAMB 2018/2019 is yet to be on sale. we are going to update this page and inform you when to go to an accredited center and register your JAMB.

Finally, Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, has already said the board may introduce a new mode of registration in 2018 to checkmate fraudsters.
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12 August 2017

JAMB Opens WAEC O' Level Result Uploading Portal - Johntechservice

JAMB uploading of WAEC O’level results for candidates who registered for the 2017 UTME with ‘Awaiting Results' as been opened.

Jamb uploading of o'level results portal

The portal has been activated so that candidates can now upload their O’level results.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board exam body wishes to inform candidates that the uploading of WAEC results can only be done in JAMB offices or all accredited Computer Based Test (CBT) centres nationwide.

This was made known to us by JAMB management. Please take note and also inform others.

For more Jamb News kindly visit here news
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18 July 2017

JAMB Establishes New Admission Method Using Central Admissions Processing System

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB new method of admission established. 

JAMB new admission method created 2017

According to JAMB,  this was in line with its mandate to ensure fairness irrespective of tribe and religion and it is determined to meet the expectations of Nigerians.

Prof. Oloyede led management said that they have designed software known as Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS), where human interference will be completely removed, to promote credibility.

Also, JAMB admission criteria would be keyed into the software and it will select candidates blindly according to the institutions requirement without any primordial consideration.

He further stated that the policy meeting would commence the 2017 admission with all mode, process and acceptable conditions for admission.

He equally announced that the JAMB official cut-off marks have not been arrived at as this can only be done at a policy meeting, which is at the moment yet to be conveyed.

According to the JAMB public relations officer, Dr Fabian Benjamin who made this known, the Board had held consultations with universities across the country to enable candidates meet the requirement and secure admission without the assistance of anybody.
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16 June 2017

Know If You Will Rewrite JAMB on July 1st, 2017

Today am going to show you How to Know If You Will Rewrite JAMB on July 1st  but before then,  just have it in mind that JAMB Supplementary Exam for specific students is to be written on July 1st, 2017. The JAMB Head of Media and Information, Fabian Benjamin, said this in an interview in Lagos.

Rewrite JAMB on July 1st 2017

How to know you are Re-Writing JAMB 2017 UTME Supplementary Exam on July 1st

  1. They will be sent SMS to their registered Mobile Number. 
  2. They will be sent a mail to the Email they used in creating their JAMB profile.
  3. They can login to their JAMB profile online, where a notification will be displayed if they are qualified to write the exam.
Kindly check your JAMB profile online to verify if they will be writing, as Options (1) and (2) are not reliable, due to network issues that can hinder the delivery of messages.

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You should then proceed to reprint your Examination slip as from Monday, 19th June to see your Schedule of Time and Venue for your exam.

Fabian Benjamin also said that there are some candidates, whose results were out-rightly cancelled and disqualified, following involvement in Examination Irregularities, will also be notified via SMS, Email and Their JAMB profile.

“This rescheduled examination became necessary to ensure that no innocent candidate is unjustly punished,”

He further stated that these set of students are not eligible to rewrite the JAMB supplementary Exam holding on July 1st. Benjamin Concluded.

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