18 February 2017

Bank Verification Number: 7 Tips on How to Secure your Bank Account



Bank Verification Number what you should know

Ever since the Central Bank of Nigeria made Bank Verification Number (BVN) compulsory for every Nigerian account holder, there have been so many complaints from account holders about bank debiting their account without them making any purchases or without their consent.

Recently I received a message from an unknown source about my ATM card being blocked due to my inability to register for the compulsory Bank Verification Number, funny enough I have done the registration last two years.

Having suspected this to be dubious,I decided to visit my bank, getting to the customer care, I showed them the message I received and they warned me never to disclose my account details to anyone, that the message is from internet fraudsters.

I also met a woman in the bank who
had similar issue but unfortunately for her, she fell a victim by
supplying her account details to the scammers. She had come to deactivate her ATM due to huge deductions alert on her account she received.

How it Happened

Woman: I got a text yesterday which says that my ATM is deactivated, I was so disturbed that I had to call the number in the text, they said they will help me rectify the problem but first I have to provide some information to help them do their job which is my account name, account number, last
withdrawal, details on my ATM card like the pin, expiry date, cvv and the card number. After giving them this information, They said there
were from the CBN and that everything is fine with my account
and they will send a text when my ATM is fully reactivated.

Then all of a sudden same day in the evening I got an alert that my account has been debited for an online purchase, I did not take it too serious because the money deducted was small not until I received  another Huge deduction!…. She said she had never experienced such kind of dubious act and that the government should look into this and arrest those
culprits involved!

 Johntechservice has also found out that various customers have experienced same scam issues like this and have been logging complaints, but no positive measures have been taken to cub this menace.

How to Secure your Bank Account from Scammers

Since Banks have decide not educate their customers on how to secure their accounts, johntechservice took it upon ourselves to write this little information on ways to ensure you do not fall into the hands of those scammers and criminals.

 1. Kindly note that the Central Bank of Nigeria has only one telephone line to log complaints which are: 014485388 or 014485531 or you can as well contact your bank.

2. Also note that no Nigerian bank would call or send a text or link asking you to provide details regarding your account details, transaction, activations, or deactivations, they are only done in the bank!

3. Do not call, text or click any
link via SMS or e-mail regarding Bank Verification Number or your Bank details, in case you get any of these, kindly visit your bank for enquiries.

4. Do not Supply your Bank related
details to untrusted websites, blogs or e-commerce websites.

5. Keep your ATM Card Details discrete and personal!

6. Avoid holding your ATM card visibly while standing on ATM Que's.

7. Keep all your related bank details safe and for only trusted clients.

Johntechservice is very
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