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4 Steps on How to Backup Blog Posts on Blogger

Backing up your blog post as a blogger is very important because your blog might develope  some issues like server problem, host problems etc which might lead to wiping off of your posts which took you pains and time to draft.

So to avoid regrets and unnecessary loss, you need to be very cautious  by applying preventive measures which is to back up your blog post.

How to Backup all Posts on Blogger

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Step 1: log on to your blogger dashboard by visiting then insert your gmail and password.

Step 2: on the left side of your blogger dashboard, you will see some menus like;
Reading List
Blogger guide

Click on settings, a drop down menu will appear kindly select OTHER.

Step 3: At the top right section of your blogger dashboard, you will see where they wrote; Import & back up
Content (pages, posts &comments)

Step 4: Select the BACKUP CONTENT  option and click on SAVE TO YOUR COMPUTER and then it will be saved directly to your computer or phone download folder.

Note: for you not to mistakenly delete your already backed up blogger post, I will advice you to rename it as 'John tech service  blog post backup1'  but this time use the name of your blog and not mine.

The reason why I used backup1 is so that you can easily differentiate subsequent backups which you have made.

I just hope this post gives you the solution you seek. Please always drop a comment after reading.
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Thank you John for this post..You've just provided a solution to this issue that has bothered me for sometime

Hey Kudos John I once figured out that this might be the use of that blogger feature and thank God it was clearly stated here. CHECK OUT THIS:: HOW TO DISPLAY CODES INSIDE BLOGGER POST AS AN ILLUSTRATION

Thank you once more.

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