20 April 2017

Convert Facebook Account to Page: Grow your Business with these 4 Benefits


Facebook for Business

Why Convert Facebook Account to Page?

Facebook in recent times has aid grown so many businesses around the globe ranging from large scale to small scale business. And so many people out there are yet to discover that we are in a jet age where most top organizations have taken the lead by going social just to get in touch with people on the other part of the world.You may want to ask why stress convert my Facebook account to page when I can buy Facebook pages from those  who has for sale?

Here are some benefits you gain when you convert your Facebook account to page:

1. Since your Facebook profile is meant for individual people, they will not meet your needs as a business owner. Facebook Pages offer more wide range features for organizations, businesses, brands, and public

2. Converting Facebook Account to Page is most useful for users
who have it in mind to use their profile to promote businesses, such as an event promotion company or consultancy, but eventually got stuckon Facebook’s 5,000 friend limit.

3. Converting facebook account to page will allow those promoting a business with their personal profile to start using Facebook Page features that allows them to set up a landing page, organize contests, collect
email addresses, and drive traffics to their websites.

4. The Migration Tool feature  allows Facebook to simply help shift users towards terms of service compliance, as representing a business.
Hope with this few points you are now convinced?

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