21 February 2017

Nairaland Huge Traffic: How to Post on Nairaland for Newbies


To post on Nairaland, first of all, you need to register as a user on the website before you could gain full access to the post option.

Without registering on nairaland as a member, the only thing you are allowed to do is to come and read just posts and then sometimes comment as a visitor which has some limitations.

How to Register as a member on Nairaland

1. when you visit their website Nairaland, at top center of the website you will see where they wrote join nairaland, click on it 

2. A box will come up asking you to insert your email address, put your email there and click submit.

3. After clicking submit, they will send a link to the email which you used earlier on, what you need to do next I to open a new tab on your browser and login to your email either gmail or yahoomail then click on the message they sent to you

4. When the email opens you will see a link asking you to verify your mail, click on it, and that leads us to the next step.

5. After clicking on the Link, they will ask you to put your desired username name and password and boom!! you are done.

How to Post on Nairaland

1. Still on the top right of the website, you will see where they wrote LOGIN in capital letter. Click on it and insert your newly created username and password.

2. Now that you have logged in what next?

Well, the next thing to do is to click on any of your desired forum section, we have sections like; Nairaland /General: Politics , Crime , Romance ,
Jobs/Vacancies , Career , Business , Investment , NYSC, Education, Autos, Car Talk, Properties , Health , Travel , Family , Culture , Religion, Food , Diaries , Nairaland Ads, Pets , Agriculture, Entertainment: Jokes Etc, TV/Movies , Music/Radio ,
Celebrities , Fashion , Events , Sports , Gaming, Forum, Games , Literature etc.

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Just click on any of them and scroll down to left side of forum section you will see where they wrote create new topic.

3. Now click on it and yolimitations.

boxes titled

Subject: in this section that is where you are required to put your blog post title or topic.

Message: in this section you are required to type or paste a summary of your blog post and then add READ MORE followed by your blog link to that particular post.

Attachment: in this section, you are required to put image but though it is not compulsory.

 4.when you are done filling the boxes, then tap your Submit button and boom! Your post will appear on nairaland.

I hope you understand every steps you are asked to take on this tutorial? If yes, drop your testimonies when you are done, if no, drop your complaint, we are willing to serve you.

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