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How to Trace a Stolen Mobile Phone within 24 Hours


If you lose your handset or mobile phone, you can easily trace it without going to the police.

Majority of us always have these fear that our phones may be stolen too soon as you expected.

To track your mobile phone, kindly note that each phone carries a unique IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity
Number) which can be used to track it anywhere in the

How to Track Your Stolen Phone

1. Dial *#06# from your mobile.

2. Your mobile phone shows a unique 15 digit.

3. Write down this number on a secure place like a jotter, diary, note book where you can easily get it whenever you need it except in your mobile phone itself as this is the number which will help trace or track your phone when stolen or found missing.

4. Once stolen, just E-mail this 15 digit IMEI Number. to with the following details as stated below:

Your name:____________________

Phone model:_________________
Last used Number.:_________________

E-mail for communication:_____
Missed date:___________________
IMEI Number:_______________________
5.Your Mobile phone will be traced within next 24 hours via a complex system of GPRS and internet, You will find where your mobile phone or hand set is being operated and the new user's Number.
 will be sent to your email.

6. After this, you can inform the Police with the details you now have.
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