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Top 3 Upcoming Niche Blogs in Nigeria to Watch Out For

Top 3 Upcoming Niche Bloggers you need watch out for this year.

Recently, blogging has tend to change from just being a hobby or a thing of play to a business, there are so many top niche blogs out there but I will like to recognize some upcoming niche bloggers.

 So now, i will be listing the top 3 upcoming niche blogs in Nigeria that are doing very good in their various niches.

Note: This list has been written based on what I feel. These bloggers are really working hard on their blogs and needs our encouragement.

Bennard Bassey is a Nigerian educational blogger who has formed a corner for students where he shares a lot of educational related article. He is one of those niche bloggers who is so humble and discrete about his achievement. He blogs at StudentsNG .

You can check his blog if you think I lied.

Denilson Merlinboy is a Nigerian blogger that has passion and a lot of information on sports (soccer to be precise). His love for soccer is something else and what
marvels me much is how he takes his time to dish out a well comprehensive article about football and that is why i call him “Soccer Merlin”. He blogs at

Kindly check his blog for more confirmation.

Francisca Williams  is an intelligent and smart married woman, a Nigerian, who has that mentality of “what a man can do, a woman can do too this Woman has proven to be a mentor and a counselor in the blogosphere, what amazes me is the fact that she did not choose the entertainment niche where most Nigerian ladies would like to be, she did something different by educating and counselling her audience and readers about family and relationships.
She blogs at Family Gists Blog

Note: this list has been made without considering any ranking factor, be it Alexa rankings, Domain Authority, nor Traffic level you can as well message me if you think your blog has got what it takes to be on this list. Thank you
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Those blogs are too good. I have been there and I know you will enjoy the contents there.

Thanks Great wisdom for stopping bye... I appreciate

Great blogs! The content are superb. Keep firing great people

These blogs are great..their contents are worthwhile..Thank you John for encouraging and reminding young bloggers that hardwork really pays. You are too much #respect

Akosa Nonso thanks a lot, encouragement matters a lot in blogosphere... See you at the top

God bless you sir for this insightful review... More power to your elbow

God bless you too sir.. Am happy you are quite satisfied with this post.

Thanks. Sky is your starting point. Keep it up.

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