14 March 2017

5 Simple Steps on How to Block Someone on Facebook 2017



5 Simple Steps on How to Block Someone on Facebook 2017

Facebook block

After posting a tutorial on how to uplpad videos on facebook, some fans on facebook started asking me to teach them how to block some annoying people they have as friend on facebook.

You see, so many people on Facebook today misuse the platform by adding people randomly and when being accepted as friend, they end up disturbing the person either by unnecessary tagging,  frequent adding to Facebook groups, assaults just name it!!

Today, I am going to teach you how to block someone on Facebook but please do not misuse it or try it on me.

5 Simple Steps on How to Block someone on Facebook

If you want block a friend on Facebook within seconds without stress, I will advice you to use opera mini browser. For android users you can easily download it on Google playstore.

Step 1: Open your opera mini browser.

Step 2: Goto
www.Facebook.com and login your account details.

Step 3: Goto the persons profile which you want to block by clicking on his/her name.
Fb profile

Step 4: scroll down to the bottom until you see where they wrote something's like:

* See friendship

* Poke

*Block this person

* Report

* Suggest Friends

* Unfriend

* Unfollow

* See Friend Lists

Step 5: simply select the block option and the person will be blocked immediately.

Facebook blocked users


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