3 March 2017

Diamond Yellow Account : All you Need to Know



Diamond Yellow account is an account which is associated with MTN Nigeria and Diamond Bank PLC.

Diamond Yellow Account

This account can be opened anywhere, anytime, any day as long as you are making use of MTN Nigeria sim card.

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With this account, you can easily purchase airtime, transfer money from bank to bank (Diamond to Diamond), Yellow to Yellow ( Diamond Yellow Account to Diamond Yellow Account) without stress.

How to Open a Diamond Yellow Account

To open these type of account, just dial *710#

Follow the instructions given to you.

Then wait for their notification message which says " Thank you for opening a Diamond Yellow Account 998*******. Please deposit money into your account at any Diamond Bank branch or DYA agent location".

Congrats you now have an account with Diamond Bank, Courtesy MTN Nigeria!!

How to Check your Diamond Bank Yellow Account Balance

For balance enquiry, just dial *710*556*pin#

How to Buy Airtime with your Diamond Yellow Account

To do these, simply pick up your phone and dial *710*555*Phone Number*Amount*Pin#

How to Transfer Money

Diamond yellow account allows you to transfer money from bank to bank, yellow to yellow.

* To transfer money from bank to bank, just dial *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin#

* Now, to also transfer money from yellow to yellow, dial *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin#

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