6 March 2017

Eboss.ng Review: Register on Eboss Money Making Foundation


Eboss is a money making foundation which is aimed at helping the needy in our society.

How Does the System Works?

You only need to invest an activation fee of 10,000 naira by registering on their website www.eboss.ng through a referral or sponsor rather.

This system is being divided into 4 levels which has some interesting commission attached to each of them but before then, let me show you some steps to take to become a member of e-boss foundation.

How to Register on Eboss


1. Email Account (gmail or yahoomail).

2. Bank Account.

3. A laptop or an internet enabled device.

4. One time activation fee of 10,000 naira.

Now, to the registration process;

i. Goto www.eboss.ng

ii. Select Register Now

Eboss Signup

iii. Scroll down to the bottom of the website (for those using mobile phone to register) and select Register

Eboss sponsors

iv. I guess you must have gotten a sponsor, kindly enter the valid sponsor username in other to continue your registeration and select JOIN NOW.

NOTE: Your E-boss account will be terminated if you fail to activate your account within 24hours of registering. You are allowed to open multiple account. No free member is allowed into the system and there is also a slot for registered members who can not get people to register under them (down lines).

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How to Make Money on Eboss

E-boss Level 1:

In this level, you are expected to pay 10,000 naira and get 50% commission when you bring 4 more people to join the system within 30 days and when this 4 people are done with the payments of their activation fee, you stands chance to get 10,000 naira extra bonus. That is to say, you are entitled to get the sum of 30,000 naira in this level within 30 days.

 eboss money making foundation

E-boss Level 2: 

In level 2, if the four people which you registered into the system brings one member each u earn 1,000 naira x 16persons (4x4=16) = 16000.
Finally you will end up earning 40000 matrix bonus.

E-boss Level 3: 

In this level, if the 16 members which are now under you goes out  to
get 4 people each you earn another 1,000 naira x 64 persons (16x4=64 persons) = 64,000. You are entitled to bag in 120,000 or laptop at this stage.

E-boss Level 4:
In level 4 which is the final level, when your 64 members on level 3 goes out to get 4 more persons each your earn 1,000 from each of them 64 x 4 = 256 persons you will earn 250,000 naira business startup + Plasma TV or 320,000 naira cash bonus.


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