10 March 2017

How to Download Facebook Videos



How to download facebook video tutorial is written solely for those people who might have seen one or two funny incidence online and wish to have it on their phone so as to enable them watch and share with their loved ones times and times again.

Facebook video downloader

In this tutorial you do not need any software, script or facebook video downloader to do so but all you need is an application or browser called opera mini.

How to Download Facebook Videos Using Opera Mini Browser

Most people this days use either Facebook application or Facebook lite to surf through their timeline and update post as well.

Now to download videos which you saw on someone's timeline or which was shared in a group or page;

1. If you are using default Facebook application or Facebook lite, kindly copy the persons user name, group or page name where you saw the video.

2. Open your Operamini browser, login to your Facebook account.

3. Goto to the search section and paste that particular user name, group or page name where you saw the video from while  surfing Facebook.

Download Facebook video

4. When the exact persons name, group or page name appears, select it, go through his or her wall, group or page.

Facebook video script

5. When you see the video click on it and the it will ask you to download.

Watch Facebook videos

Facebook funny videos

Hope you understand?


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