11 March 2017

Google Analytics Review: How to Link blogger blog with Google Analytics Using Tracking ID


Google analytics which is owned by google as the name implies is a very useful tool as long as the internet is concerned.

Blogger Google analytics

As a blogger or website owner you will agree with me that google analytics plays a very important role in your website or blog visibility in google search engine. It is also used to analyze websites or blogs traffic 

How to Signup on Google Analytics

2. Select signup

Google analytics tips

3. In the tracking method option, select website instead of mobile application then scroll down and fill the rest form.

Google analytics tutorial

Google analytics guideline

4. When you are done filling the form, scroll down and select Get Tracking Code.

5. A box will appear showing google analytics terms and conditions.

6. Scroll down through the box and select "I Accept"

And that is all for creating a google analytics account.

NOTE: after registering, kindly write down your google analytics tracking I.D. In the next step, I will tell you how to connect your blogger blog to google analytics using your tracking I.D.

How to Link Blogger Blog with google analytics

* First of all, login to your blogger blog dashboard here www.blogger.com.

* on the left section your dashboard, you will see some menus.

Google analytics features

* Scroll down to Settings and click on it to open.

* still on settings, check under it you will see sub menu with the name "Others" select it.

Google analytics signup

* At the right section of the blog dashboard, scroll down until you see where they wrote google analytics ( Analytics Web Property ID)
and beside it a text box is provided.

* In this text box, kindly type or paste the google analytic tracking ID which I asked you to write down somewhere before.

Google analytics login

* Scroll up to the top right side of your dashboard and click on save settings.

Congratulation, your blog is now linked to google analytics.

Just incase you have any question, do not forget to use the comment box thank you.

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