1 March 2017

Nigerian Paypal: How to Link Nigerian Paypal with Payoneer Easily


Link Nigerian Paypal to payoneer

As a Nigerian blogger or internet marketer, one of the best and easy ways to receive money through Paypal as of today is by using payoneer ( USA bank account).

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a USA based company which allows a lot of individuals globally to receive payments of a job done either online or offline which involves dollar currency as a means of payment.

What is a Payoneer Master Card?

Payoneer Master Card is a card which is globally accepted. With this card, you can be able to withdraw your money (dollar) which will be automatically converted to your local currency in any bank ATM..

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Due to some restrictions, Nigerian's are finding it difficult to make online transactions same as receiving payments internationally.

Since Paypal allows Nigerian's to make payments but making withdrawal is being restricted, with this tutorial which you are about to learn, receiving money in dollar currencies from your loved ones, companies abroad will no more be a problem.

How to Link Nigerian Paypal with Payoneer

* First of all, Log in to your payoneer account

* Goto your payment profile under receive money.

* In your payment profile, you will see some informations like;

i. Bank Name
ii. Routing Number
iii. Account Type
iv. Account Number
      Kindly note them down in a jotter or a piece of paper.

* Now, open a new tab on your browser and log in to your papypal  account that is if you have already created one but if not, kindly sign up here to get started.

Paypal signup

* When you are done with the sign up process, goto add bank details then type your payoneer bank details and submit the form.

* Now after doing that, you then wait for PayPal to send two payments which are less than a dollar.

* When the payments are done, payoneer will notify you within two hours or more that you have received a new payment.

* Now after receiving this notification from payoneer, simply goto your PayPal dashboard (account) to confirm your payoneer bank account.

* Enter the value of the two payments made to your USA Bank account (Payoneer).

* then click on CONFIRM and your account will be confirmed almost immediately.

Finally, for you to be able to receive payments through this method, you need to make a bank withdrawal request from your PayPal account which has fund in it already and boom!!! You are done.

Incase you have any difficulties in the setup process, do not hesitate to use the comment box. .

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