9 March 2017

How to Share Blog Posts Automatically to Facebook and Twitter


How to Share your Blog Posts Automatically to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Recently, I have received over 50 mails from my clients that the nature of their job could not allow them share their post for people to see and read on social media. So they always come up with the question " How can I share my blog post to social media automatically " without stress.

Well, ask no more because today I will take my time to explain the whole thing to you.

Sharing your blog post automatically to social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin you need to register on this website www.dlvr.it

What is Dlvr.it?

Dlvr.it is a website which enables blog owners, affiliate marketers to share their website to social medias freely and without much setup.

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How to Signup on Dlvr.it

1. You can signup using either gmailtwitter or Facebook account to register. In this tutorial am going to use gmail to signup.

2. Visit www.dlvr.it, insert your gmail account and password then click GO.

dlvr.it signup

3. Now, you will be redirected to your dashboard where the whole setup will be done.

How to Link your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Account to Dlvr.it

1. In your dashboard you will see where they wrote Find a Feed. In that box, kindly insert your website address ( e.g http://www.johntechservice.com.ng) a pop under box will appear showing your website feed like ( John Tech Service)

3. The next thing you need to do is to select Connect Social button which is at the right end of your feed dashboard.

4. Now open a new tab on your browser, then login to your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn account so as to enable dlvr.it automatically connect with them.

Note: it is not mandatory for you to connect all your social account to Dlvr. it.

5. Back to dlvr.it select any of the image of the social media which you wish to link your blog with and click authorize or connect.

6. Now I just linked my twitter account to dlvr.it. to link other social  media, kindly select the plus sign next to it.

7. If you carefully follow the above steps, you will be able to automatically share your blog posts on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn without stress.

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