10 March 2017

How to upload videos on Facebook


After sharing how to download Facebook videos, a fan sent me mail requesting how to upload videos on Facebook.

Upload Facebook Video

I will try my possible best to make this tutorial simple and brief.

To upload videos on facebook , you need a Facebook application or Facebook lite to do so.

Steps on How to Upload Videos on Facebook

1. Login to your Facebook account through Facebook application or Facebook lite.

Facebook video

2. Click on Photo

3. Your phone gallery will open.

Facebook gallery

4. Select the video you wish to upload to facebook and click on DONE.

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5. If you have anything to write or people to tag, you do so in this step then when you are satisfied with ur writeup and tags, click on POST.

Social media video

6. Wait for it to upload. And it will appear like these when it has finish uploading.

Facebook auto video  player

I hope this tutorial on how to upload videos on Facebook is comprehensive?

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