30 March 2017

How to Write Blog Posts that Generates Massive Traffic Part 1



Fortunately, using a few simple technique, you can write headlines that will generate massive numbers of site visitors.

In this article, i will be discussing on six headline writing techniques that will boost your search traffic,
rankings and social shares.

1. Using Numbers on Your Blog Title

Blog titles containing specific numbers perform far better than other types of headlines.
According to Moz , headlines with number gives 73% more social share and engagement.
This is because list posts are easier to read.

You can use low numbers to illustrate the title of your article. Or you can use high
numbers to illustrate the comprehensiveness. But do not use high number because your readers might think
the article will not be easy to read.

All numbers work well in the title. But odd numbers tend to work better. They appear less conventionally packaged. 

The odd number 7 works
best. According to Contentmarketinginstitute , click-through rates (CTR)
increased by 20%, when number 7 is included on a blog title.

When you are writing a headline, do not type out the
number. Use numerical numbers. So, instead of
writing “Seven Steps To Create A Blog”, write “7 Steps To Create A Blog”.

Stay tuned as I drop the next point on How to Write Blog Posts that Generates Massive Traffic

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