22 March 2017

Tecno L9 Plus Review: Features and Price in Nigeria


Cheap Techno L9 Plus Smartphone

Tecno L9 Plus’s major selling point is the battery, so, maybe, just maybe, they had to sacrifice a lot in the specs department to give you a great battery at that price tag.

One thing I noticed while observing the L9 Plus is that it comes with a screen guard.

There is also the power inscription along with the Tecno name at the back of the device just in case you forgot how great the L9 plus is in terms of its battery.

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A lot of people, especially the perverted ones had a field day with Tecno Mobile’s theme for the L9 Plus — bigger and longer.

Under that, you get another package which contains the flip case and pin ejector.


Thanks to the recession, you would need N65,000 to get the Tecno L9 Plus.

As for my first impression, I love the fact that the L9 Plus is a light-weight. Like some of you must have figured out, I like my devices cute and
petite, but if I have to use a big device, then I do not expect it to weigh a ton, so high five Tecno.

Tecno L9 Plus specification and price


Techno L9 Plus smartphone comes with;
i. Earphone
ii. Flip case
iii. USB OTG Cable
iv. Warranty Card
v. Power Adapter and a Micro USB Cable.

Anyone notice something missing with the

no manuals! I wonder who still reads them in 2017.

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