3 March 2017

How do I Link my Domain from 'Whogohost to Blogger'



Whogohost to Blogger Domain setup

Whogohost is a Nigerian hosting company which sells domains and hosting bandwidths or space for mostly Nigerians.

Recently, I have discovered some disturbing issues of domain setup on their website. When I purchased my first domain from them, when i logged into their dashboard to add all the necessary values I need for the linking of my domain, I could not find a single clue on how to go about the setup. Most especially if you want to do a custom domain setup from whogohost to blogger, you will find it very difficult to do so from their dashboard.

Finding the option to add Blogger CNAME values in whogohost dashy is so complicated that a new blogger  with few or no knowledge of setting up a domain name to a blog will end up quitting.
Whogohost to blogger

How to Setup Blogger CNAME in Whogohost

Blogger CNAME setup is not included in whogohost  dashboard, instead is being given seperately. You can hardly see it on the site although when you search extensively, you can find it on Google using this keyword "whogohost to blogger" or you can as well find the CNAME FORM here https://www.whogohost.com/blogspot-CNAME.php

Whogohost CNAME form for blogger

Below are the things you need to fill in the CNAME form:

 1. Enter your email ID

2. Type a number as a security PIN (any number)

3. Enter the domain name

4. Enter Subdomain 1 as ‘www’

5. Enter CNAME value 1 as ghs.google.com

6. Enter the unique subdomain value provided by Blogger for your blog in Subdomain 2

7. Enter the unique CNAME value provided by
Blogger for your blog When you finish filling the click ‘Send CNAME Records’ to open a support ticket.

Note: this process will be taken over by the customer care. Wait for 24 hours to get it completed.

Finally, goto your blogger publishing section under settings, insert your custom domain again which you bought from whogohost and select SAVE


  1. Can i just buy the domain name without hosting?
    Would it works?

    1. Yes it will China.. That is if you are using blogger platform but on WordPress platform, you need to host ur website before purchasing and linking a domain to it

  2. nice update you got here love to see more of this here


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