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Ajayi Crowther University Contraband Prohibited Items

Ajayi Crowther University management recently made a list of items prohibited/contraband in each students hostels.

ACU major list of prohibited items

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Any student caught with any of the items listed below will be severely punished or face the wrath of the institution.


- Indian Hemp

- Cigarette

- Hard Drugs (Such as cocaine, heroin, and other illicit drugs)

- Alcoholic drinks

- Lethal weapons/ injections,
Knives, Guns and bullets

- Knockout/ fireworks of any kind

- Kerosene lamp, gas cooker, candles, matches and lighters
Cooking utensils such as hotplates, rice cookers, toasters, microwaves, electric boiling rings, saucepans, blenders

- Hair dryers/ straighteners

- Refrigerators /grillers

- Any item meant for sale or business activities

- Raw food items

- Jeans

- Diabolic materials

- Television sets

- Ungodly musical tapes and CDs

- Video machines, tapes, VCD and DVD players

- TV cards, antennas

- Computer games(play stations)

- Weight/shot-put

- Condoms and contraceptives

- Tramadol

Note: Other ACU contraband items that may be specified or published from time to time. Thank you
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