4 April 2017

Can I Use Content.ad with Adsense on One Blog?


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How Can i Use Content ad and Google AdSense Together?

This has been the very sceptic question been asked by most bloggers on daily basis. Here is my own advice.

Adsense can be very funny most times. So to make sure you do not get banned endeavour to read this post.
Also in this post lots of questions relating to Adsense and third party ads network are been answered.

Question: Can I use Google Adsense and content.ad together? If I use content ad along with Adsense will it put my Adsense account in danger?

Adsense so far is the best means of monetization.

Getting Adsense approval these days is very difficult. I can say that getting adsense  account is  like for a bank loan without collateral or possibly searching for a job without a CV. My advice to you is that you should incorporate other ads network for your blog monetization.

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Adsense is very strict about their program policies and position guidelines.

If you are not that familiar with their policy, you can check AdSense policies here .

Now to your question, Yes! You can use content ad alongside AdSense without getting banned.

Can I be Safe to use AdSense and Content ads together?

Yes! there is no problem atall using content.ad with Google Adsense. You can learn more about content.ad here

Similar to AdSense, Content.ad do also relies on the context ad technology to display relevant ad, but they do not go against any of the Adsense guidelines and is fully compatible with AdSense. One of my friends who happen to be new in the blogging sphere, ask this same question, but sincerely the answer remains the same 'Yes'.

You can also check out this official content.ad publishers page for vital and helpful information regarding content.ad usage.


=> I advice that you also use other ads network to monetize your blog like bidvertisers, infolinks,

=> Google adsense  remains the best.

=> You can safely use content ad and AdSense together on one blog.

Incase you have a different view on any other ad network that is not compatible with AdSense? Let me know via comment box.

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