13 April 2017

Ultimate Guide on How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog through Facebook Group


Facebook free traffic

Driving massive traffic to your blog using facebook group tutorial is not the same as spamming. Spaming facebook groups is an illegal practice which can lead to permanent banning of your facebook account. Am sure you wouldn't like to loose your precious account.

Do not worry about that because today am going to teach you how to do it the right way.

Ever since Facebook page algorithm changed, most bloggers have been finding it difficult to drive free traffic from their growing Facebook page which causes them to run a Facebook campaign. That's not all, if you can pay close attention, you will notice that posts that has no links attached to them always have more reach than posts that has your blog link attached to them too bad for newbies right?

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Now to our main focus which is how to generate huge traffic spamming Facebook group the right way.

1. First thing first, before joining any Facebook group, make sure you look out for the following :

i.  Check the group posts: if all the post you see in the group is being updated by one person, just know that even if you get webbed by the huge numbers of people and decide to join, you still can't post there which if am to say, it is of no use to your blog. Do not join such groups.

ii. Always join groups with huge members: joining such groups will give your posts more reach and in return drive an encouraging amount of traffic to your blog.

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iii. Join groups that are related to your blog niche: this simply means that if you are blogging about education, join educational groups, if it is politics, join political Facebook groups. I hope you understand?

How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog through Facebook Group

After joining groups that you think are related to your blog topics, the next thing that comes to your mind is I wish I can convince all this people to visit my blog. Funny right?

Now to get the best out every link you share on any Facebook group,

i. Do not post just your blog post title and link alone instead do it this way;
Copy and paste the post title and the key point of that post.
ii. Learn to use attractive titles. I did not say you should mislead your readers anyway.

iii. Separate the title from the post key point with dots (.)

iv. Attach your blog post link beneath the post key point but before you so, make sure you add things like 'Read more', 'see full story here', 'more details here' 'continue reading' e.t.c.

Finally, always upload a picture of that particular post before sharing.

If you follow this steps carefully and consistently, traffic will not be an issue to you anymore.



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