15 April 2017

How to Get Approved Content.ad Account


Content ad tricks

This tutorial on how to get approved content ad account that I will be sharing today has given me three content.ad accounts as am speaking to you.

Although I got two approved accounts last using blogspot domain, while early this year, I got another approved content ad account using .com domain.

Now let me show you what and what I did to get these three content ad accounts

How to Get an Approved Content ad account 

Step 1: create a health/relationship tip blog. Click here to create your blog

Step 2: setup your blog by submitting and linking all the necessary things required. Things like ( blog header, submitting sitemap, crawling your blog, adding google analytic code etc.).

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Step 3: start to post on the blog. Make sure you post a unique posts. Posts like this works a lot " how to loose fat" "how to make your teeth white again" " natural fruits that can cure or do this and that "

Step 4: Try to get at least 1,000 plus daily page views by sharing your posts on Facebook and other social networks.

Step 5: Before you apply for content.ad account make sure you must have gotten upto 15-20 unique posts on your blog.

Finally go ahead and apply for content ad account and expect their reply within 3 days. Apply here

This is what I did to get an approved content ad account.

If it worked for me, it can work for you too.

Good luck.

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