5 April 2017

Xender: How to Transfer Large Files on Android Phones Using Xender Application


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Xender which also works like flashshare application is an apk format android application which enables multiple sharing of both large and small files.

With Xender installed on your android smartphone, you can share files like videos, audio, pictures, android applications, text documents, etc.

Where to Download Xender App?

Most recently manufactured android smartphone do come with Xender as a default application but should in case your android device does not have it, you can easily download the Xender application on Google Play store here or you can as well use google playstore application which is already on your phone to download Xender application.

How to Use Xender Application to Transfer and Recieve Files

So many has been asking the question ' how do I transfer music's from Xender to my other phones?' Most especially women.

Do not worry because today, I am going to give you a detailed insight on how to go about the whole Xender transfer and receiving of a thing.

=> First of all, download the Xender application then install it on your android device.

=> Now ask the person you want to transfer or receive files from to open his or her Xender application same as you.


=> In some android device, you will see a red + sign or a blue pointer icon at right down section of the Xender application.

Xender logo

=> Click on it then select either create group or join group although in some android device you will see send or receive instead

Download xender

=> Now if you are the one sending that particular file, you select the send icon but if you are the reciever, then you select the receive icon.

=> While the Radar is rotating, a head will appear on the circle like icon, click on it and wait for the both device to finally connect by making a beep sound.

Xender application

Then goto any folder on either the sender or receivers mobile device and start sending or receiving your desired applications, music's, videos, ebooks and pictures.

If you do not understand any step which I have listed kindly notify me by using the comment box.

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