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NDA FAQ: Cost of NDA School Fees

Nigerian Defence Academy school fees is how much? Do NDA Cadet, PGD, Direct short Services, SSC and Masters Programmes candidates pay school fees? These are most of the questions that people who want to apply for admission into the various NDA Programmes always aks. 

NDA school fees
NDA school fees

Nigerian Defence Academy School Fees Information to Applicants

Of course you may be required to pay some fees by the NDA during admission processing. If this is ever going to be the case, make sure the information is from the management of Nigerian Defence Academy. Yes, we do post information about their admission here but we have never talked to you about NDA School fees.  If you are going to pay any fees to them, make sure you get the information and account details from NDA websites –www.ndaapplications.net and/or www.nda.edu.ng.

Note: After confirming any Nigerian Defence Academy school fees that should be paid, do not pay into any lecturer or cadet’s account.

Make sure you get the Bank Account information from any of the NDA websites stated above. Do not pay into anyone’s account.

This is very important – there are many forums out there where people claim and portray themselves to be officers in the Nigerian Army or officials at the NDA. We get some of them as comments too but we just delete them.

Please disregard any information coming from such people. They are out to scam you of your hard earned money. You should not pay to anyone. If you are to be charged any fee at the NDA. You will get it from reliable sources from the NDA. You can also call the phone numbers on the NDA website to confirm such fees.

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