14 April 2017

Ogbonge Blog CEO Jide Ogunsanya is +1 Today


www.ogbongeblog.com CEO Jide Ogunsanya aka Jidetheblogger today being the 14th day of April has added another year to his age.

Ogbonge blog CEO birthday

Who is Jide Ogunsanya?

Jide Ogunsanya is the owner of Nigerian's most informative tech blog called ogbonge blog. A blog which has served as a guide and pathfinder to so many young bloggers, internet marketers etc. 

He is a mentor, an instructor with a humble soul, a friend from afar, a gem of information and a simple man who has helped so many young people out to achieve their goals through his blog.

Johntechservice is wishing you a happy birthday sir.

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