20 April 2017

University of Ibadan 57 Lists of O’level Subjects Not Accepted for Admission



This is the 57 lists of O'level subjects that is not allowed in University of Ibadan.

Subject not accepted in university of Ibadan

These subjects are being offered at the school certificate examinations level but they are not accepted for admission into the University of Ibadan.

According to the University, some subjects being offered at the school certificate examinations are not accepted as matriculating subjects by the University Senate. Below is a list of such subjects. Take your time and study it carefully.

Complete List of O’level Subjects not allowed by University of Ibadan 

1. Animal Husbandry

2. Automobile Electrical Works

3. Basic Electricity

4. Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing

5. Blocklaying/Bricklaying Concreting

6. Body Repair Works

7. Book Keeping

8. Building/Engr Drawing

9. Business Management

10. Business Methods

11. Carpentry & Joinery

12. Catering Craft Practice

13. Ceramics and Design

14. Computer Craft Studies

15. Cosmetology

16. Domestic & Office Machines Maint

17. Draughtmanship

18. Elect Inst & Maintenance Works

19. Elect/Medical App & Project Maintenance

20. Electronics Works

21. Fabrication & Welding

22. Fisheries

23. Footwear Manufacture

24. Foundry Craft Practice

25. Furniture Making

26. General Science

27. Graphic Design

28. Instrument Mechanics Works

29. Intro to Agric Sci, Imp & Machines

30. Intro to Building Construction

31. Ladies Garment Const & Finishing

32. Leather Goods Manufacture

33. Leather Tanning

34. Machine Wood Working

35. Marine Engineering Craft

36. Mechanical Engr Craft Practice

37. Men’s Garment Const & Finishing

38. Motor Vehicle Mech Works

39. Office Practice

40. Painting and Decorating

41. Photographic Practice

42. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

43. Printing Craft Practice

44. Refrig and Air-Conditioning

45. Salesmanship

46. Ship Building Craft Practice

47. Shorthand

48. Shorthand, 80 WPM

49. Spinning

50. Statistics

51. Surface Design/Textile Printing

52. Tourism

53. Tractor System

54. Typewriting

55. Typewriting, 35 WPM

56. Vehicle Body Building

57. Weaving

These are the non matriculating subjects as released by University of Ibadan (UI) management. Aspirants should take note of this.

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