11 May 2017

How to Get Backlinks from Websites Easily


To get backlinks from other website most times seems impossible or difficult, but today am going to tell you easy way on how to do it the right way without making it look like you are spamming. 

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are link from other site pointing to your website or blog either quality once not but the are all called backlink.

How to Get Backlinks from Websites Without Spamming

1. Blog Commenting

You can get lots of back links by commenting on other peoples blog. You might want to ask how? But don't worry I will explain to you how it goes. Create links from commenting on blogs and forums, but it must be relevant and helpful. Not only a link, but provide a helpful information.

2. While publishing articles or guest blogging on other peoples website, endeavour to write useful articles, not just articles to get a link. What i mean is that you should build links that help others, not bother them. Build where it is logical and useful.

What Every Blog Owner Should Know About Back links

As a blogger kindly note that you do not need a lot of backlinks to rank. Just 1 quality backlink is much better than 1000 spamy links.

Also I recommend that you focus on quality links, focusing on getting at least one quality backlink a day, if youre serious about it. This can either be a guest post, a press release on a good website, a social media share on a decent active page. Stuff like that, focus on those things and you wont have to worry of the number of backlinks.

What do you think?

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