13 May 2017

INTCoin Next Generation Decentralized Currency to Be Launched


A new digital currency named  INTCoin will soon be launched on June 7 by an international team of developers.

About INTCoin the Next Generation Decentralized Currency

INTCoin is said to be next generation decentralized Blockchain-based digital currency that takes advantage of the Blockchain technology's capabilities to provide full security and  anonymity for users, with 50 transactions per second being made.

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According to INTCoin developer, Alessio Evers "Privacy is one of the most significant qualities of digital currencies, but a lot of projects provide the solutions to non-existent problems and neglect this aspect," Evers said. "From our side, we think that user's private payment information has to remain private in all meanings."

INTCoin Key Advantage

One of the key advantages highlighted by INTCoin creators is its protocol AniNote, which, according to Evers, is an improvement on the CryptoNote protocol, which allows the creation of completely anonymous egalitarian . Monero, which has seen a rapid expansion in growth since its development, is one digital currency that uses CryptoNote - Dash is another. Monero is thought to be so popular within the digital currency space because it offers unique privacy features that make it completely anonymous and almost untraceable. 

However, by upgrading the ring signature within the CryptoNote protocol, AniNote eliminates the possibility of identifying a specific user.

Before the launch of the INTCoin currency, the team is undertaking three presale stages. Phase one has ended while phase two is due to end on May 13, which will see the start of phase three, finishing on June 5. At the time of writing, the total number of coins purchased amounts to 1,701,874.45 on the current exchange rate of 2,799 INT for 1 BTC.

During all presale periods, the team expects to sell about five mln coins with the presale money going toward the development of the technology to the point of release and team growth.

Source: Cointelegraph

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