6 May 2017

UNIZIK CEP Students Going Through Imported Hell - Mike Obi


What is the management of Nnamdi Azikwe university, Unizik. Doing, to douse the suffering of her CEP students?

UNIZIK CEP Students Suffering

Majority of these student were barred from sitting for their first semester examinations today. Because according to the CEP directorate, ''the non payment of school fee, or the non-confirmation of school fee payment''.

One needs to take a trip to the utility building and the digital library to witness the man-made hell, these students passes through, in the name of course registration, or to Generate Remita. It is really a pathetic view.

Most of the students with their school fees that could not generate Remita, probably, due to poor network server, or, lack of functional personnel, to attend to their pletora of online issues, were chased out of their respective examination halls. These students, most of whom had attended lectures from point start, were denied access into the examination halls. Thereby, rendering their efforts for the semester impotent.

ICT was introduced to reduce the hectic nature of registration exercises. But with what is on ground at the moment, the reverse is the case. A Thousand students with similar or differing online issues, MUST come to the desk of, or wait, for one Mr. Tochukwu. Otherwise, the problem ceaslessly continues. Everything on corrections, starts and ends with him. One man against thousands of stressed-up students. How does that compute?

Why can't these student generate Remita or carry out these registration exercises, at any of the cyber-cafes inside the school compund, or outside? Why should they be packed inside UNIZIK utility buiding or digital Library like sadines, for registrations that are meant to be online?

Why are the CEP students not extended the same grace as the REGULAR students, in terms of school fee payment? I know a lot of Regular students that were yet to pay their school fee for first semester. Yet, sat for their examinations.

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The management and indeed the SUG, in light of the current economic situation, and the spirit of progression, should immediately address these growing issues. It is a dent on the image of our great citadel of learning.


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