12 June 2017

50 Free High PR Forum SEO Friendly Backlinks


Backlinks has a good role to play for any blog or website ranking as we all know.

Free High PR forum backlinks

What is Backlink? Backlink is simply an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. "the more quality backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be on search engines.

In recent times, getting or building backlinks for your blog has become a tedious task which requires time and patient. But today am going to make the whole thing easier for you by giving you 50 high PR Forums where you can easily submit your blog or website which will help your website gain more google ranking and popularity.

1. http://del.icio.us/

2. http://dondir.com/

3. http://filesharingtalk.com/

4. http://forum.deviantart.com/

5. http://forum.joomla.org/

6. http://forums.cnet.com/

7. http://forums.hostgator.com/

8. http://forums.mysql.com/

9. http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/

10. http://simplemachines.org/community/index.php

11. http://www.247webdirectory.com/

12. http://www.2daydir.com/

13. http://www.9dir.com/Submit/

14. http://www.9sites.net/

15. http://www.9w1.net/

16. http://www.a1webdirectory.org/

17. http://www.abacusseo.com/

18. http://www.abc-directory.com/

19. http://www.abigdir.com/

20. http://www.acewebdirectory.com/

21. http://www.add2us.com/

22. http://www.addbusiness.net/

23. http://www.addlink.us/

24. http://www.addlinkzfree.com/

25. http://www.addsite.info/

26. http://www.afreeurl.info/

27. http://www.agrieducation.org/

28. http://www.alistdirectory.com/

29. http://www.allnicesites.com/

30. http://www.allstatesusadirectory.com/

31. http://www.alwayslinks.com/

32. http://www.ananar.com/

33. http://www.aoldir.com/

34. http://www.archivd.com/

35. http://www.atgear.com/

36. http://www.auhana.com/

37. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us

38. http://archiveoflinks.com/

39. http://community.sitepoint.com/

40. http://www.nairaland.com/

41. http://www.vanguardngr.com/

42. http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/

43. http://www.tooxclusive.com/

44. http://www.olufamous.com/

45. http://www.johntechservice.com.ng/

46. http://www.naijaloaded.com/

47. http://www.lailasblog.com/

48. http://www.warriorforum.com/

49. http://www.quora.com/

50. http://www.linkedin.com/

With the above High PR forum and Backlinks websites linking back to your own blog or website,you are good to go. please do not spam these sites with irrelevant comments. try to contribute to the thread or topic you wish to comment on. Thank you. 

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