2 June 2017

Greek Lawyer Tops Financial Times Legal Innovators in Europe List


Financial Times’ list of top legal innovators in Europe has been released and a Greek lawyer has made the list for his use of Bitcoin during the country’s financial crisis.

"Panos Giannissis came second on a list of eight finalists shortlisted by the publication, which praised his use of the virtual currency when capital controls appeared in Greece two years ago."

Panos Giannissis last year,helped clients to stay in business by converting some of their working capital to Bitcoin, the virtual currency, when capital controls were imposed during the Greek financial crisis.

“After the Capital Controls were imposed, the deal was activated and his clients continued to receive their supplies as usually, while their suppliers were covered by the Bitcoin collateral.”

“...He negotiated a deal with his clients’ suppliers from abroad to accept Bitcoin as collateral to back importation of supplies in case his clients would not be able to make payments in fiat money,” an accompanying press release further explains.

Source: Cointelegraph

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