29 October 2017

Superzoom Video Mode and Halloween Face Filters Now Available on Instagram


Instagram Superzoom alongside Halloween themed face filters and stickers Update.

Instagram Superzoom Video Mode and Halloween Face Filters

Recently, Instagram announced its Livestream with a friend which was the recent feature from the company. Now, the company has released a new feature called Superzoom alongside Halloween themed face filters and stickers.

How Instagram's Superzoom Works

Instagram Superzoom is a new recording mode on Stories, which can be found between Boomerang and Rewind features. You can use the Superzoom feature when you press the Record button, the camera gradually zooms in while playing a background music. that is ho it works, very easy and interesting.

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Apart from these Instagram Superzoom feature, there are a few Halloween face filters that you can try out. There's one with fog, one that turns you into a poorly-rendered zombie, one with vampire and some other scary face filters.
The update of these Halloween-themed stickers is already available online. you can get them via Playstore and iTunes store. 

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