25 November 2017

Meet Daniel Eze, A Brilliant Nigerian Student Celebrated by Everyone that Cross His Path



This article was written by Edor Sanni Haruna, GSS Nyanya Head boy 2011 set.

The Intellectual Taliban.
Business Guru.
Young CEO,Founder:Earn Prudently.

Met him as far back as primary school when he was on his way back after collecting his Testimonial. With smile-like laughter,he's face all glowed up.
We met in a dramatic way.

Hey you,come. I called him as he was coming we walked up to each other. He was very small then(em even me too) with his school dark green shot and me on my light green shots. I asked to see his Testimonia,he obliged probably because he was scared that if he refuse showing me I might beat him cos I called him with great confidence.
I laugh.

Scanning through it what i saw marvelled me. ''This boy you sabi book o'' there where all A's then my second,Emeka said ''Your mother go kill goat for you today".

I don't know if you still remember this day.

Life is a network of people. And it's so glaring to know that every human is intertwine to another. It's of a truth that, when some of this people we are intertwined to are the major source of our motivation and solace, we tend to call them our friends.

This one of the few guys I know whose intelligence drip like liquid fire always living a trail on any person that comes in contact with him.
With him around no dull moments either you are laughing or you are thinking critically on issues tabled by him.

How can I forget so fast your exploits then when we were busy with our Intro Tech and Inter Science. He was busy schooling our seniors in Physics,Mathematics and Biology. How diversified you were then and even more diversified and complex now.

Tough decision taker. I still stand in Awe of some of the decisions you have taken, it portrays how great a leader you are. Never swaying,always focused on set goals. Open armed and open Heart with fingers that is ever ready to help.
I tell you I have learnt so much from you.

This not all that is to be known about Dan and it wouldn't make sense if I don't talk about his undying Love and Passion for Christ. If you ever wish to visit him,please do go with your Bible cos una must do small Bible study either before the discussion,in the middle of the discussion or after the discussion. Either ways it must occur.

I celebrate you sir.

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