25 November 2017

What you Need to Know About Ocheme Ene of GSS Nyanya


 What you Need to Know About Ocheme Ene of GSS Nyanya

Ocheme Ene is a Nigerian, a former student of GSS Nyanya 2012 Set, a writer, an inspirational speaker, a potential microbiologist.

She is a Christian, not a holy one though but she loves God, herself and her neighbors. Above all she is a survivor.

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Ocheme Ene is a human thus full of imperfections,  she have failed severally, she have been mocked, arrested, cried, disappointed... You know what? she have been through it all. 

According to her:

I have Lowered my standards to accommodate certain people, acted differently with people, I can be nice at times, and the dreadful most times.
Friends snitched on me and fu*ked with the one I fu*ked with.They thought I was a "ju" because all of my childhood punishments became my hobbies as an adult. I tried to fit in at some point, but fu*k! It didn't work.
I am still Ocheme Ene, that; little, noisy, intelligent dark girl... But one thing has changed greatly. I will NEVER tilt my standards to accommodate RUBBISH!

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