25 November 2017

Tips on Discovering Yourself and Potentals


Tips on Discovering Yourself and Potentals

How to Discover yourself and potentials as a young man or woman.

I quote;
"Until you certainly know and understand your burning desire(That God-given passion or ability which kindles like fire, and erupts like a volcano within you), you may never discover purpose nor even arrive the place of destiny."

Growing up I noticed I had an inherent but unusual grace to be disciplined in handling or managing money and also maintaining properties for a long period of time, even as a young lad. But then I had little or no knowledge of "what next to do with that which has been kept"...(precisely in the area of money). And honestly, that absence of information almost made me a professional penny-pincher rather than being a smart investor who knows how to put money to work(even through sacrificial giving & investment vehicles/products/instruments) to the end that money multiplies or appreciates in value. But fortunately I encountered Christ who not only saved my soul but also afforded me the opportunity to continually access light through his word and spirit; which then opened newer phase of understanding unto me in the long run.

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Meanwhile I'd like to say; It is not enough to just discover yourself and inherent potentials, you must also be willing and ready to develop and deploy them.

And more specifically; If God is not in it, there's certainly nothing in it.
Really? Yeah.

So what then could be the possible outcome? Simply just an empty life, business, career, job, relationship, whatever.

The only valid answer that works? You obviously need him to fill the void or vacuum.

P.S - If you truly want to arrive your designated sphere in life, then allow no man to drag your life through their human suggestions, opinions, or decisions.

Written By: Daniel Eze.

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