18 December 2017

10 Leadership Tips 2018: What Only Quintessential Leaders Know


2018 Leadership Tips.

2018 leadership tips

1. Leadership is not all about holding the mallet; any carpenter could make one for anyone.

2. Leadership is not all about wealth; Dangote would turn down the offer.

3. A leader's wealth does not have to come from his subjects but his superior; only a few really know this.

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4. Leaders put GOD first, others next, and self last; Success becomes their surname.

5. Leadership isn't a status but a lifestyle; ask those who have led in different facets.

6. Once a leader, you're always a leader till death; some think it ends when their tenures end.

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7. In leadership, the destructive critics are allowed to keep talking and spreading their rumours while one concentrates on breaking new grounds.

8. As much as you can, clarify your deeds and notions down to every detail; to the extent you can clear yourself you are good to the people.

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9. Leaders do not beg for votes; votes beg them to lead where they already had visions for.

10. Leaders do more behind the scene than at the scene; only pretentious ones do otherwise, and surely they fail!

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