1 December 2017

Beginners Guide on How Insert AdSense Code into WordPress Sites


How to Install Google AdSense Code in WordPress Automatically

How Insert AdSense Code into WordPress Sites for Beginners 2017.

i. First of all, goto tour google AdSense dashboard by logging in. 

ii. Place your mouse pointer on menu and select 'Ad Unit' to create your desired Ad Unit.

iii. After that, click on 'Get Code' to get the AdSense ad unit code which just created.

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How to Install Google AdSense Code in WordPress Automatically

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Goto menu and point your mouse arrow to 'Plugins', a dropdown menu will appear, select 'Add New'.

3. Now when the page opens, at the right side of your plugin menu, you will see a search box there, kindly type 'Ad Injection' and click on 'Go' or 'Search'

4. So many search result will appear with different enticing names, ignore them and scroll down till tout see the plugin with the exact name which you searched for.

5. Click on install when you see the plugin and select 'Activate'

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6. Now that you have activated the Ad Injection Plugin, still point your mouse on plugins but this time what you are going to do is to select 'Installed Plugins' instead.

7. After selecting installed plugin, look for the Ad Injection plugin which you recently installed.

8. Beneath the plugin name, you will find two options 'Settings' and 'Deactivate'

9. Click on the Settings option.

10. Now scroll down and you will see three big box tagged 'Ad Ontop', 'Random Pages' and 'Ad at Bottom'.

11. Paste your Google AdSense code into any of those box and select save.

12. Finally, goto your website and see how it is showing.

That is all on how to place AdSense codes on WordPress sites. In case you have any question, kindly use the comment box.

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