19 December 2017

Content Ad Approval Trick 2018 | Johntechservice


Content Ad Easy Approval Method 2018

Just so many people will always ask in most forums: 

My name is John Pele I have been trying for quite sometime with different domains to get content.ad publisher account approval but they kept on rejecting my sites..Is there anyone on this forum who can give me approval tricks/tips?

Easy Ways To Get Content Ad Approved Account 2018

1. Post viral news articles, back date them. Make sure articles are of good quality and you have enough content on your site and through some fake traffic for better alexa rank. Its not that hard to get approval from them.


2. Make a good site, with the content they are going to like. I suggest to apply with the sites using new profile as they may reject new and good sites too.

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3. all they want is traffic. So try and get a good amount of traffic to your blog or website before applying.

Finally, I suggest you try blogging on the following niches, Dating and Health.

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