26 December 2017

4 Tips on How to Prepare and Pass all School Examinations | Johntechservice


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How to Prepare for all School Exams

A big question that people always ask themselves is how to prepare for exams? Many of you may be working hard and getting good marks and some of you may not be working hard out still manages to get high marks in exams, others may be wondering how it happens, and also there will be a few of you studying well but still not able to score well in exams.

Do not worry there are some very simple tips to follow which you can become masters. These tips will inform you on how to prepare for exams in short time.

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How to Prepare for a High School Exams 

This post is for those who are about to write high school exams as well as a competitive exam and you can even prepare for exam in a week just by following these tips. It will be much better if you study this for a long period of time.

Here are some tips to study when preparing for exams.

1. Prepare a Good Time Table

Prepare a time table before starting study. This should include all the subjects but may not be with equal priority. Tough subject can be given more time and easier ones less time but most importantly some time shall be alloted for entertainment and also there should be sufficient intervals between each subject.

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2. Make Note While Studying

This is a very important point, while studying make small note that should be descriptive, make them brief so that you can remember all point while doing revision with the notes which you wrote down.

3. Self Confidence

Some students study well but still may be much afraid of exams and due to this reason they get distracted and wont be able to score good marks. So abandon all your fears and free your mind before starting your study you have to be confident, it is the most essential power you should have for attaining victory.

4. Believe in God

The last but not the least point is prayer. Pray well before the exam and mind should be free at least five minutes before the exam. Prayer can give immense energy and peace to your mind that will definitely do good for you. Also remember one thing, please do not discuss soon after exams. This will not do you good and may affect your coming exams, if your friends are discussing question paper avoid them and go prepare for your next exam.

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