15 December 2017

US ISIS Supporter Nabbed for Sending $150k In Laundered Crypto To Syria - Johntechservice



US ISIS Supporter Caught Sending $150k In Laundered Crypto To Syria.

US ISIS Supporter Caught Sending $150k In Laundered Crypto To Syria

Long Island, New York: a girl is facing up to a hundred and ten years in jail when making an attempt to send $150,000 in Bitcoin and altcoins to ISIS.
The new york Post according however Zoobia Shahnaz fooled banks into giving her loans and credit cards, that she then wont topurchase cryptocurrencies. The loan Shahnaz secured amounted to $22,500, whereas many credit cards contributed to an additional$62,000 in cryptocurrency sent abroad to support the FTO.

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Shahnaz, a United States subject, antecedently worked as a research lab technician in a very Manhattan hospital. Last year she traveled to Jordan to figure with the Syrian yank Medical Society as a volunteer medic in Syrian expatriate camps wherever, in step with court documents, ISIS had “significant influence.”

In July of this year, the ISIS supporter was stopped and questioned in President Kennedy airdrome, apparently on her thanks to Syria and prevented from boarding. She was then inactive this Wed and charged with bank fraud and multiple counts of cash lavation, Acting​ ​US professional St. Bridget Rohde same in a very statement from the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Th.

The Justice printed Shahnaz’s activities as follows:

“...The suspect defrauded various money establishments and obtained over $85,000 in illicit issue, that she regenerate to Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies. She then laundered and transferred the funds out of the country to support the Moslem State of Irak and al-Sham [ISIS]”

The same statement claims that Shahnaz was prevented from accomplishing her goals in supporting ISIS, although to what extent remains unclear. within the statement, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney triumphantly stated:

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“The Federal Bureau of Investigation ny Joint act of terrorism Task Force unbroken this girl from her dangerous and probably deadly goal. we are going to do all we will to prevent following person hoping to try and do constant.”

According to the statement, if guilty, Shahnaz faces a most of thirty years for the bank fraud charge and twenty years on every hidingcount.

Crypto’s PR woesThe events area unit a blow to Bitcoin proponents, WHO are making an attempt to defend the cryptocurrency’s name from its birth. Bitcoin skeptics often claim that the cryptocurrency permits illicit activities, as well as hiding and support of act of terrorism.

In terms of act of terrorism, analysts have found that cryptocurrency doesn't play a significant role in funding terrorist organizations. However, Shahnaz’s case, although isolated, definitely works against cryptocurrency’s name.

Following the attacks in Europe this Summer, the eu Union is seeking to grasp the extent to that crypto is involved in funding terrorist teams, and probably to decrease the namelessness of cryptocurrency transactions the maximum amount as attainable.

Source: Cointelegraph

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