1 January 2018

POEM: Choices - Written By Edor Sanni Haruna


Choices - Written By Edor Sanni Haruna

Choices - Written By Edor Sanni Haruna

I choose to talk people up
rather than talking them down.
Cos I have got the tongue of the
learned so i have got to produce
the right sound.

I choose to be hope to people
rather than being a nightmare
to them.That if they must be
sleepless,then it should be as
a result of a dream that would
turn boys to men.

I choose to lift people up
rather than bringing them down.
That I would be a source of a merry
heart to them not with nose red pointed,
cos I don't have to be a clown.

I choose to be love to people
rather than being hate. That they
see God in me and see a reason
to have faith.

I choose to be help,I choose to be
kindness to stretch out my hands
and be an eye to those suffering
from blindness.

I choose to be courageous,I choose
to be true to respect those who
deserve it and to give honour to
whom it is due.

I choose to represent Christ.
To get sin disenfranchised as
I understand that I'm a debtor to
the jew as well as to the Gentiles.

I choose to be real to people
rather than being fake.
I choose to stick to my guts till
the very end no matter what it takes.

I choose to be truth to people
rather than being a lie and I know
it begins with the discovery of myself
and the answer to the question.......
who truly am I?.

I choose to be a brother,
I choose to be a friend that the
helping hands at the end of my
own arm would never be difficult
to lend.

I choose to bring joy to people
rather than bringing sorrow to them.

I choose life.
I choose Grace.
I choose Christ.

Since I have got the right to choose,
I choose to choose right.
I choose,I choose, I choose.
it's my choice.

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