1 January 2018

2018 Cryptocurrency Prophesies


Cryptocurrency Prophesies 2018.

1) Many people who live by the rules will have their breakthrough through cryptocurrency this year.

2) Many shitcoins of 2017 will not last till the end of 3rd quarter this year 2018 resulting to noobs losing their money (no pity for stupidity).

3) There will be massive adoption of cryptocurrency this year.

4) Cryptocurrency will face many regulations, but shall win at the end of the day. The power belongs to the people.

5) Many will regret not investing into cryptocurrency early.

6) Cryptocurrency will shake the banking sector this year.

7) There will be decline on treasury bill, stock, bonds, real estate etc because people will embrace cryptocurrency.

8 ) Bitcoin will survive the storm like an eagle.

9) There will be more adoption of blockchain technology.

10) Wealth is changing hands, only the smart ones will be beneficiaries.

We need banking system not banks.

Hail Cryptocurrency - The present and future money/asset.

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