27 January 2018

IAUE Students Re-Run Registration Notice 2017/2018


IAUE Students Re-Run Registration Notice 2017/2018.

IAUE Students Re-Run Registration Notice 2017/2018

All IAUE students who failed, refused or neglected to pay their school fees for the 2016/2017 academic session have been asked to repeat the session. This was made known to us by the University Senate.

Also, they made it clear that examinations written by such affected students during the session is null and void. Also any computed results for such students are taken to be in error and should be disregarded.

IAUE Students Re-Run Registration Notice 2017/2018

Affected students are advised to pay fees and register for the current session, as repeat students of the 2016/2017 session.

By this notice, the ICT Unit is being directed to open the IAUE University Portal only for payment of fees for the 2017/2018 session.

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No student should be allowed to pay fees for the 2016/2017 session.

All Deans and Heads of Department are advised to ensure strict compliance.

Please note that this is a decision of the University Senate and must be taken seriously.

signed: K.H. Kue-Ikoro (Mrs.)
cc: Vice – Chancellor
All Deans
All HODs
All Notice Boards

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