28 February 2018

Google Adsense 10 Highest CPC Countries 2018


Countries with High Adsense CPC, Top 10 Countries With High Adsense CPC, Google Adsense 10 Highest CPC Countries 2018.

Google Adsense 10 Highest CPC Countries 2018

Clicks from these countries will change your financial  status forever.

Google Adsense in recent times has saved many lives especially youths who are job seekers.  

Countries with High Adsense CPC 2018

1. The United States
2. Canada
3. The United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Norway
6. Germany
7. The Netherlands
8. New Zealand
9. Sweden
10. South Africa

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The sorting of countries in the above list is based on personal experience and research, You have the right to disagree with it.
I wasn't able to include their possible cpc range because that depends on the advertiser and the type of ad clicked.

How to Increase Adsense CPC Without  Being  Banned

Well, I have been blogging  for more than four years now and i must say that there is no safe trick in increasing Adsense CPC.

All you need to do is to abide by Adsense rules and regulations, do the necessary submissions and also try as much as possible to update unique articles.

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