5 March 2018

How to Place Google Analytics Code on Blogger Blog


Linking Google Analytics with blogger blogs.

Linking Google Analytics with blogger blogs

Linking Google Analytics with your blog is very important especially if you want to build a brand with your blog.

With Google Analytics, you can know how your site is doing,  it helps blog owner's know where thier website traffic is coming from,  the time users spends on their blog, health of their blog in general.

So today before I show you how to link your blog with Google Analytics firstly, I will show you how to generate a Google Analytics verification code/number.

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How to generate Google Analytics Code

To get this code, all you need to do is to visit www.analytics.google.com,

Sign up by inserting your gmail address and password

Thick on 'I AGREE' to agree to their terms and conditions.

Then wait for it to load 
After that your Google Analytics code comes up. 

Note that the main google Analytics code looks like these: UA- 72228121-2

How to Link Google Analytics Code to Blogger Blog

  • First of all, after generating the Google Analytics code, 
  • Copy it
  • Now login to your blogger blog
  • Goto settings 
  • Then on the sub menu,  select Others
  • Scroll down on the right section of this portion you will see a space provided for you to paste the Analytics code which I asked you to copy earlier.
  • Then click on save template.  That's all. 

You can also use the image above as a guide.

In case you have further questions on how Google Analytics works,  kindly use the comment box.

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